Pompeii Homes, Part 2
- Pompeii Ruins

"Pompeii homes in the ancient city of Pompeii had lavish gardens and were richly decorated with Pompeii mosaics and fresco paintings..."


  • Pompeii Homes - House of the Golden Cupids: this house, one of the Pompeii ruins, got its name from cherubs on gold laminate inserts found on the walls of one of the cubiculums, now kept in Naples Museum. Apart from these, the house was richly decorated with both geometric Pompeii mosaics and Pompeii fresco paintings showing mythological scenes. There is both a masonry lararium as well as a painted one in the house. The painted one bears decoration with the images if Isis and Osiris and other Egyptian deities.
  • House of Caelius Jucundus - The owner of this house was a banker Caecilius Jucundus, whose 154 tablets, that documented his financial transactionshad, been found here. Reliefs found in the lararium show the destruction of the 62 AD earthquake and its effect on the public buildings. Both the wax tablets and the frescoes with mythological scenes that had been found here are now kept in the Naples museum.
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  • Pompeii Homes - House of the Vettii: In Roman times, vettii were freed slaves, and this house in the ancient city Pompeii was named after two of them, two brothers whose bronze signet rings were found in the house. The house is decorated with many Pompeii fresco paintings showing mythological scenes, the most noted one being the one with Priapus, god of fertility and abundance. Triclinium is decorated with panels painted with the famous Pompeii red colour.
  • House of the Ancient Hunt/ Wild Boar: The wild boar hunt scenes, after which the house was named, once stood on the south wall of the peristyle, but has, as with other walls around it also lost its vibrancy due to exposure to the elements. Other frescoes in the house included the mythological scenes of Aphrodite, Danae and Zeus' golden rain, Leda and the Swan, Daedalus with Pasphae, Ariadne giving Theseus a Ball of String etc.
  • Pompeii Homes: House of the Cithara Player - What this house was named after is a bronze statue of Apollo the Cithara player, found in the peristyle of this large house. There were three graffiti and two campaign slogans found on the fouse facade, referring to the owners of this Pompeii ruins house, the Popidii family.
  • House of Ceii - the name of the owner of the house is also mentioned in a campaign message painted on the facade of the house. On the wall of the garden area, there is a large hunt scene, as well as Egyptian landscapes and architecture.
  • Pompeii Homes - House of Menander: Menander was the Greek playwright whose painting was found in one of the niches in the peristyle area of this Pompeii building. The frescos in the house contain scenes from the Illiad like Ajax dragging Cassandra from Palladium, Death of the Laocoon, Cassandra and the wooden horse etc. The caldarium, which was part of the bathing area, has decorative mosaics with sea creatures and Negroid figures.
  • House of the Lararium of Achiles - The house was named after a lararium decorated with figures on a blue background, showing scenes from the Trojan War. Another noted figure of the house is a wall in one of the rooms painted with two life-sized elephants ridden by cupids.
  • Pompeii Homes - House of the Ship 'Europa': This Pompeii home stands out with its extensive gardens with a vegetable garden and orchard. The house was named after the wall painting on the wall of a peristyle, showing a cargo ship with the inscription EUROPA, which refers to the Greek heroine kidnapped at sea by Jupiter.
  • House of the Garden of Hercules - Also known as the house of the Perfumer, this house has a vast garden area where herbal essences were grown, used in making perfumes. The house was named after an altar and aedicule dedicated to worshipping Hercules, whose marble statue was found here, too.
  • pompeii venus in the shell image, pompeii venus photo, venus in the shell fresco
  • Pompeii Homes - House of Venus in the Shell: this house was made famous by a beautiful painting of the goddess Venus, lying in a pink shell. She is surrounded with two cherubs, one riding a dolphin, another one supporting the shell. Other frescos in the house include a painting of the god Mars with a shield and a lance, Leda and the Swan and Atlanta and Meleager etc.
  • House of the Geometric Mosaics - This property was adorned by many black and white geometric mosaics. Also, an ornate mosaic with fish and sea creatures was found in the impluvium of the second atrium and can be seen in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples


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