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Mediterranean cruise ports

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Hello and welcome aboard the Mediterranean Cruise Ports Easy travel and vacation guide!

Whether you're looking forward to discovering some of the birthplaces of our civilization in the Greek islands, following the routes of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World or simply looking forward to tasting some wine and fashion shopping in Italy,  Mediterranean cruises are sure to exceed all your expectations and then some!

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an all-inclusive luxury pampering, a honeymoon trip, a long planned family vacation or just a quick last minute cruise deal, in the Med you can do it all!

Thanks for the great website! (...) It felt like someone handed me a lovely wrapped gift filled with all I need for my upcoming cruise! (...) I will make sure to have a toast on you after every successful day out! Elna Pietersee - South Africa

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How did this Mediterranean cruise ports website come about?

My name is Martina and this website is the result of 7 exciting years of professionally cruising the best Mediterranean cruise lines, ships and destinations but you can read more about that unforgettable part of my life on the About Me page.

Being a cruise port lecturer, I have been privileged to spend lots of time in numerous European cruise ports time after time.

Whether I wanted it or not, I became extremely skilled in getting around these Mediterranean ports and picking the shore excursions with the best ratio of value for money.

Now, my mission is to pass on my knowledge on to you and empower you in deciding how to best spend your day in port according to your affinities and your budget!

All the articles on the Mediterranean cruise ports easy are the product of the first-hand experience in helping cruise guests get around the destinations. Read them, use them and once you get off that gangway yourself, you will feel like you’ve been there hundreds of times before.

Of course, you can also use them to show off, sound like a real Mediterranean cruise guru at the dining room table and impress your fellow cruisers ;)

Thanks to Martina and her wonderfully informative website, I have learned lots of useful tips about Venice, and Dubrovnik (three of our ports of call). The "voice" of Mediterranean Cruise Ports Easy is that of a friendly travel agent! It makes the information easy to remember. Janet - USA

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Things to know before heading to your Mediterranean cruise:

All the best cruise lines of the world, like the Royal Caribbean International, Princess cruises, Crystal Cruises, Disney cruise line, Carnival, Costa and Holland America will be spending spring, summer and autumn in the Mediterranean in 2023.

You just need to spread out your Mediterranean maps and decide whether you'd rather be visiting the:

1) Eastern Mediterranean, which can include ports in Croatia (the Adriatic coast), the eastern coast of Italy, Montenegro, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, the Holy Land, and Egypt.

Here's the Eastern Mediterranean ports you can read about on my website:

"Your tips for navigating to and from port areas where the ships docked to get to the heart of the destination are spot on. This kind of detail gave us loads of extra time in each destination." 

Sandra Cottam, Australia

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2) Western Mediterranean cruises will include some of the ports of the western coast of Italy, Spain, France, Tunisia and Morocco. Here's the ports from that region you can read about on this website:

"I just want to say thank you so much for sharing your travel tips. My family loves to cruise and we always want to explore ports on our own. I am so excited to find out your web site. It's full of extremely valuable information."

Annie Pat, Canada

Whether you are about to go on your next Europe cruise vacation or just dreaming about your future cruises, in our cruising articles you'll find both inspiration and the must-know tips and information on...

·         how to use local Europe port transportation

·         when is best to book one of the organized tours or shore excursions

·         when to simply walk downtown and save money

·         getting around ports of call

·         what to do in cruise travel destinations with the limited time you have

·         how to plan your day in your favorite cruise destinations to maximize it

·         why visit certain ports of call

·         what to pack with you

·         how to take home that perfect gift from each popular Europe cruise destination

Keep in mind this web site is a big work in progress, it will take at least another few years to build it up to its maximum potential so don’t forget to bookmark it and always keep checking back for new content!

Of course, I'm always really curious how it works out for you out there, so make sure you get back to me here on the website or on our Facebook page.

Now put on your most comfortable walking shoes, don't forget to pack your evening gown (or tuxedo) for that formal night, charge your camera and follow me to Mediterranean Cruise Ports Easy!

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