Mediterranean Cruise Ports Easy - Great information - thanks

by Kalianda
(Toronto, Canada)

Hi Martina and Ralph,

Thanks for all the information on Med cruise ports easy.
I stumbled on your website last week while doing research for my last minute Med cruise in 2 weeks.

I normally plan ahead and have lots of time to borrow books from the library and search on the internet. Well, your site came up in google search and I am so happy. Almost all the ports I need in one place! Now I don't have to feel stressed.

I will be going with my daughter, who has not been on the Med before, and hope to use all the information you provided and tour on our own instead of taking the ship's excursion.

I hope to get back to you after the cruise to let you know how your information helped us. In the meantime, keep up the good work.

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