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MartinaSorrentoSorrento, Italy

Although growing up in a quaint Croatian town, a place full of pistachio green palaces, cotton-pink churches and white-washed castles, was like living in a fairy tale, at the age of 12 I made a list of top ten countries I would like to visit when I grew up.

Zoom ahead 15 years and I started ticking off destinations from my list, and then some – I easily added around thirty more.

Just a mere three days after obtaining my Masters' Degree in English Literature and Archaeology, I found myself aboard a plane bound for Miami. This marked the beginning of my adventure on cruise ships, as I embarked on a journey to pursue one of my cherished passions: photography.

Istanbul, Turkey

Soon I realized there was another bonus to my travels: I would get yet another degree –  the one in shopping and getting around the ports of call.

Sharing my knowledge in that area soon became my profession:    I became a Port and Shopping Guide/Shopping Director on board the Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruise and Crystal Cruise ships helping guests navigate the ports and taking home lasting memories of their travels. It was, by far, the best job one could get on ships.

Having mastered the wonderful world of diamonds, jewels and high-end watches in the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada/New England, eventually I decided to specialize in Mediterranean ports and shopping.

I fell in love with intricate Turkish rugs and pashminas, Florentine and Greek gold, Sicilian linens and pottery and colorful Murano glass. Also, spending at least 6 hours in ports each and every day, I made the Mediterranean my second home.

Portofino, Italy

After five seasons of working as an award-winning shopping consultant, in 2009 I decided to start building my knowledge into a new creative outlet: a website dedicated to cruising the Mediterranean.

My biggest motivation in building it was seeing so many people coming on board ships completely unprepared, ignorant and lost when it came to reaching the point of interest, picking the best means of transportation, time planning and all together just missing the see or buy something they might never ever have a chance to. It was painful!

Many years and many innumerable work-hours later, my 280+ page project has found its way to you, future cruisers! Through those pages you will hopefully feel my passion and determination that you yourself are never one of those people who came on board lost and ignorant.


Pick the ports you are interested in, read as many pages as you can and very soon all the puzzles of your planning process will fall into place.

You will feel encouraged by the new knowledge, empowered to plan your days on your own and find many budget conscious solutions to getting around the ports of call.

If you do find value in this website I would be very happy if you could share your discovery with your friends and acquaintances on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as travel forums. There are many people out there who need this kind of information but it's just the matter of luck of finding it! Be the one who makes their day!

If you would like to see how it has helped our readers before you, just pop over to the Guest book page and see what they loved about it most.

And now, once you got to know a little bit about me and how this website came about, it's your turn to tell me something about yourself: even if you just want to say hi, tell me where you’re from and where you will be cruising to…  Find a contact form here and drop me a line!

If you wish to tell me you really, really enjoyed my site, I’ll be even happier! Do it right now and make my day!

The ultimate happiness of mine will be if you take a moment after your cruise to let me know how my tips worked out for you! After all, the whole point of the website is to HELP YOU and knowing that I succeeded at it will be my biggest reward! Find the contact form to do it here.

Also, don’t forget to like our fan-page on Facebook and keep in touch that way too!

Happy sailing and hope to see you on one of the Mediterranean cruises soon!


MartinaMSCMSC embarkation in Split

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