Let cruisers know about your business through Mediterranean Cruise Ports Easy

If you are…

  • a cruise port tour operator
  • a taxi driver
  • a licensed tour guide
  • a car rental business
  • a restaurant owner
  • a store owner
  • an entertainment facility owner
  • if you offer airport shuttles
  • or accommodation in turnaround ports-of-call

…and want to target Mediterranean cruisers, your potential customers at the cruise-planning stage, sponsorship is right for you!

About me…

Mediterranean-cruise-ports-easy.com was started in 2009, after 7+ years of working in the cruise industry and five full seasons spent on cruise ships visiting Mediterranean ports-of-call.

Working as the Port Lecturers aboard Royal Caribbean and Princess cruise ships, I was the top on board authority on anything concerning the cruise guests’ visits to the ports-of-call… from transportation to what to buy and where to eat.

Dealing with cruisers brand new to the ports-of-call on a daily basis, year after year, I have learned about their major concerns and needs when venturing out into ports on their own. That’s why I have decided to build all the knowledge we have acquired into this website, a product of my passion.

In only five years of existence, MCPE has become one of the top websites in the field, often recommended as a trustworthy source of information in reputable cruise and travel forums (Trip Advisor, Cruise Critics, Fodor’s…etc) and raved about by its readers.

The website ranks well in search engines, it is on page #1 of Google Search Engine for many keyword phrases, and at the height of the 2017 season we’re expecting it to be…

  • visited by 32 000+ unique visitors/month
  • found by 20 000+ keywords/phrases from the Search Engines/month
  • have 110 000 page views/month
  • have visitors from 120+ countries/month

What Can I Do For You?

Mediterranean-cruise-ports-easy.com connects with readers well before they book a tour, accommodation, rental car, etc. They find Mediterranean-cruise-ports-easy.com at the start of researching their next vacation, hunting for tips and recommendations and they are emailing me and asking for those on a daily basis. That’s why, this year for the fifth time, I have decided to connect our readers with the different service providers in the ports of call – you!

Mediterranean-cruise-ports-easy.com offers unique, well-priced, custom-designed and targeted Mediterranean ports advertising options that reach your customers during the pivotal trip-planning stage.

Sponsoring a whole page or one part of it on our website is easy and will cost you less than advertising in any of the local publications or other media. For less than €20 a month you can literally get hundreds of new customers, and that is often a full year before they visit.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Rates:

Mediterranean-cruise-ports-easy.com is accepting a limited number of sponsorships on an exclusive basis in each category for each port (eg. One private accommodation business, one licensed tour guide, one airport shuttle business, one shuttle van representative/tour operator per land-tour destination etc…).

Why is Mediterranean-cruise-ports-easy.com limiting the sponsorship opportunities? The philosophy is simple… this is not a commercial website. It’s all about giving our readers recommendations of the services I would use in the ports-of-call ourselves.

That’s why you must truly have an excellent product or service. As well as prices competitive to the ones of the same services offered onboard the cruise ships. Mediterranean-cruise-ports-easy.com will not work with a company that would result in visitors having a subpar experience during their vacation.

Here’s How the Sponsorship is Set-up:

A whole separate page dedicated to your business with an article presenting your business in the form of an interview or our personal review of your business will be made for you. See examples that we have set up for our current advertisers who keep coming back year after year:

Traffic to your business page on our site will be directed by banners or in-text links on all the pages of one port-of-call of your choice, the one related to your business.

Your business page on our site will also contain two no-follow links directly to your business’ website. Our readers will inquire about your service via a contact form.

This sponsorship package is available for a set symbolical yearly fee of €100 for the first, experimental year.

To claim your sponsorship package contact us now with the contact form at the bottom of the page.

We look forward to hearing from you and arranging all the details so we can have your sponsorship campaign up and running in time for the beginning of the new cruising season! The contact form is at the bottom of the page.

Martina Marcec

CEO at www.mediterranean-cruise-ports-easy.com

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