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"Cruise packing tips - Cruise packing is one of the crucial moments before your Europe cruise vacation and can literally make or break your cruise holidays!"

If you’re about to cruise Mediterranean sea we’re sure you can already see yourself sipping on cocktails by the pool, tasting some real Italian pasta, seeing many of the 7 wonders of the ancient world and enjoying some of the pristine beaches… but then the bubble bursts: “Wait a minute, what about packing for a cruise?”

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Cruise packing is one of the crucial moments before your Europe cruise vacation and can literally make or break your cruise holidays!

That’s why we have put together some travel tips for packing luggage for you. If you’re a first time cruiser to the Mediterranean make sure you study them well, we’re sure you will learn things you never would have thought of. If you have cruised to the Mediterranean, they will still put your packing for a cruise in the Med into a new perspective and remind you of some mistakes you made the first time round.

Cruise packing tips: things to keep in mind

There are many things that need to be taken into account when packing for a cruise.

First of all, before you even decide what to pack, you will need to see what to pack it into.

Having your luggage in good condition and having enough of it is the first condition of successful packing for a cruise when you cruise Mediterranean sea.

Until now, if flying locally, you probably didn’t pay much attention what you pack into your check-in luggage, what you pack into your carry-on luggage and what you pack inside your personal hand bag.

Now, flying to Europe could involve more stopovers and more chances of having your luggage lost or delayed.

That’s why it will be crucial you pack wisely and know exactly what to put where, and you will learn those little cruise packing tips in our article Travel Tips For Packing Luggage – How to pack for cruising the Mediterranean stress free.

Next step is to know how to pack to get the maximum out of your suitcases! You definitely want to get to your destination with your clothes ready to be worn straight away. You don’t want to see your body lotion all over your formal dress or your underwear smelling of your shoes.

To learn little cruise packing tips and tricks on how to pack your bags, read our article Travel Tips for Packing Luggage – Check-In Luggage Cruise Packing.

Cruise packing tips: surviving airports

After you have packed everything it’s important to go through the airports as smoothly as possible so you can arrive at your destination relaxed and in a good mood.

That’s why it’s important to know all the airline regulations when it comes to allowed and prohibited items in your luggage. To get familiar with those, read our article Packing for a Cruise – Airline Luggage Regulations and Cruise Line Policies.

Packing for Mediterranean weather

Another important thing to think of when packing for a European cruise holiday is to think of the weather waiting for you at your destination.

Also, no matter where you come from, you will not want to look like a tourist when cruising the Med. Europeans are known for their stylishness and elegance when it comes to dress and you will not want to stick out!

To learn all about how to prepare for the weather or how to blend in with the Europeans when it comes to your ports-of-call cruise attire, read our article What to Pack for Europe.

To perfect your cruise packing list, it’s best to think of all the stages of your travel, all the activities you will be doing during your Mediterranean cruise. Namely, it is not only your cruise ship you will be hanging about on when you cruise Mediterranean sea.

You will also be spending some time at the airports, onboard long distance flights, maybe even in hotels, in urban metropolises that will be your ports-of-call, as well as by the pool, on the beaches and exploring dusty ruins on shore excursions… it’s a wide range of different spaces and each one has its own dress code.

To find out more about all the clothes or accessories you could possibly need to make your stay there more comfortable, check our article Cruise Packing: From Air travel accessories to Mediterranean Shore Excursions.

Hope these cruise packing tips help you have a smooth sailing.


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