Barcelona Travel Guide -
What to see and do on a cruise to Barcelona

"Barcelona travel guide for cruisers offers easy tips on getting from the international airport to cruiseport, getting around and Barcelona attractions"


Barcelona travel guide: Why cruise Barcelona?

When I think of Barcelona, Spain I think energy, sunshine, passion. In a city like that does one really need a strict Barcelona Travel Guide?

It would be ideal if you could just aimlessly walk around Barcelona, Spain carried by the waves of thousands of tourists that crawl the streets of this city night and day...and then you see a little cafe you like:

- 'oh, let's sit here for a coffee'

...and then you walk on:

- 'oh, look, it's one of the Gaudi's magical buildings, let's go in' carry on all intoxicated with the beauty of Barcelona architecture and then just round the corner:

- 'oh, this  tapas bar looks so inviting let's sit down for a little snack and a glass of wine'

...and then just down the street:

- 'oh, look! It's the brand that I've been looking for for so long, they have a shop here? I need to go in!' you succumb to some fantastic Barcelona shopping.

Barcelona panoramaBy Nikos Roussos via Wikimedia Commons

And you can go on and on and on with this spontaneous Barcelona sightseeing like this for days, not even opening the Barcelona street map or visiting the Barcelona tourist office. And you would never get bored.

This city is so:

  • juicy
  • spontaneous
  • intense
  • full of joie de vivre...

Barcelona travel guide: How to organize your short visit to Barcelona?

... that following Barcelona travel guide books almost feels like restricting yourself. Getting inspired and antsy or still wondering why cruise to Barcelona?

If you have booked one of the cruises from Barcelona and decided to stay in one of Barcelona hotels for a couple of days before you embark or disembark, you will have some more time be able to let yourself go and take this spontaneous injection of life-juices Barcelona has in store for you.

But for those of you who come to Barcelona only for a day as a part of your cruise itinerary, it is good to:

  • get informed
  • pick a few major Barcelona attractions and Barcelona museums so you maximize your day
  • get on one of the professional tours and shore excursions with local guides

And I have singled out a few of those for you to chose from as they are popular with our readers:

  • ...and enjoy this modern and envigorating city along the way.

Luckily, culture in Barcelona is's part of life, it's out in the streets so you can enjoy many Barcelona sights for free even if you don't pay a single dime. Just think of Sagrada familia Barcelona!

But let's start from beginning, before you can even think of the things to do in Barcelona and what to see in Barcelona, you need to get there somehow.

Most people will fly and that is why it's good to get acquainted with some general info on Barcelona international airport, especially if you need to find your terminal when flying out of Barcelona back home.

In our Barcelona travel Guide, you can also read about getting from Barcelona Spain airport to Barcelona cruise port. 

First of all, Barcelona cruise port is quite big and it's good to know exactly which terminal your cruise ship is located at.

barcelona sagrada familiaBy Selbymay via Wikimedia Commons

Some terminals are easily accessible on foot from the Cristopher Columbus statue which is where the public transport ends, and some terminals are a bit further away.

Once you locate your terminal, get familiar with the amenities offered in it.

Getting to your Barcelona cruise terminal

When it comes to getting from the Barcelona Spain airport to the cruise port, there are many options and they vary in comfort, time and cost:

You will find the explanation for each one of the options on the pages of our Barcelona travel guide.

The same with getting from Barcelona port to Barcelona El Prat airport, if Barcelona is the last port of your cruise.

It's also good to know your options when getting from the cruise ship terminal to the city center on your Barcelona Spain travel cruise...there are different kinds of transportation in Barcelona by bus:

  • Maybe you are cruising on one of the luxe cruiselines that offer free bus transfers in Barcelona
  • Even if not, for only a couple of euros you'll be able to use one of the port organized Barcelona bus transfers and easily get to the bottom of Las Ramblas Barcelona Spain, which is where all the hustle and bustle starts. From there, everything is more or less easily accessible on foot
  • For some sights or getting to Barcelona beach, it might be better to book one of the Barcelona shore excursions. Here's just a few quick recommendations for you:
  • use public transportation in Barcelona
  • Barcelona taxi
  • Barcelona metro.

Now that you have, thanks to our Barcelona travel guide, mastered the practical basics of this cosmopolitan and fashionable city, it's time to find out something about the history of Barcelona.

After all this, we think you really don't need any more inspiration to book one of the Mediterranean cruises from Barcelona.

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