Four Best Ways of Getting
from Livorno to Pisa

Cruisers can easily get from Livorno to Pisa by bus, train, shore excursions, and taxi -  in this article, you will get a great overview of each means of transport and tips for picking the best one for you and your party!

How do I get from Livorno port to Pisa?

Being so close to the cruise ship dock in Livorno Italy, it would be a real shame not to visit Pisa Italy, and its spectacular leaning tower on your way to or from Florence or some other Tuscan destination.

That's why the top most asked questions on Italy cruises are:

  • How far is Livorno from Pisa, Italy?
  • What is the best way to get to Pisa from Livorno cruise port?
  • Is it worth booking one of the online day trips to Pisa?
  • How long does the train ride from Livorno to Pisa last?
  • What are the train schedules from Livorno to Pisa?
  • Is it possible to take the train to Pisa independently?

Keep reading and you will find answers to those in this article.

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1. How to get from Livorno to Pisa by Bus

The world-famous town of Pisa is only 20km (20 miles) away from the town of Livorno where your cruise ship docks and there is a local bus connection from Livorno to Pisa.

However, this service is not very tourist-friendly as the bus stop is quite far from the cruise port. 

Rather than using the regular local bus, there's something much better in Livorno for you: a shuttle that caters to the needs of cruisers only!

This means:

  • the shuttle bus conveniently leaves from the same spot where your Livorno port shuttle bus (PortoLivorno2000) drops you off in the center of Livorno
  • it is much cheaper than your cruise line's shore excursions
  • and it always brings you back in time for the sail-away

Please find out more in my article on how to get to Pisa By Bus or jump directly to Pisa Low-Cost Transfer.

Due to its affordable price, this service is getting widely popular so make sure to book your seats ahead to avoid any disappointments! There's just no better deal you will find!

What other cruisers say about Pisa Low Cost Transfer:

"Great communication- staff at bus depot very helpful & spoke excellent English + very patient. Bus to Pisa very good condition & great Airconditioning." Andrew_H, Sep 2022


2. How to get from Livorno to Pisa on a shore excursion?

This is one of the most popular ways of seeing Pisa, Florence, and other charming Tuscan destinations in one day. 

Shore excursions are great for people who:

  • want to maximize their experience by learning straight from the knowledgeable, professional tour guides (and who doesn't?)
  • don’t feel comfortable getting around in a foreign country by themselves
  • aren’t too adventurous
  • can’t be bothered worrying about getting back to the ship on time when using local transportation (it can cause a lot of headaches and stress)

There are two ways of taking shore excursions:

1) When you get on board the cruise ship, through the shore excursions department - which can be quite limited when it comes to different options and turns out much pricier (please compare the prices for yourself). That is why I think you should leave it as a last-minute option.

2) By booking your tours ahead of time with one of the tested, world-known tour platforms like Viator. We will show you their options here on MCPE. What is great is they offer tours custom-made for cruisers and coordinated with ships' departure times, so no need to fear getting back on the ship late. 

When choosing a tour that will take you to Pisa, have a few things in mind:

  • this little historical town is only about 20 20-minute ride from the cruise ship dock in Livorno.
  • If you aren’t too interested in climbing the famous Pisa leaning tower, or entering the Cathedral and the Baptistery, and just want to have a nice walk around the Piazza dei Miracoli and take a few shots… 30 minutes is more than enough to do that.
  • Shore excursions that focus on Pisa ONLY, last no longer than approx. 3 ½ hours. So if you are taking one in the morning, you will be back on board the ship by lunchtime!

What I am trying to say is: Pisa is easy to combine with other fantastic destinations in the neighborhood! There is enough time to do it all.

Sticking to Pisa only is recommended to those who have been to Florence and other little Tuscan towns many times before or want to take it easy on this day, which we understand.

It's my job to save you time and energy planning your trip so here are my best finds for Pisa only guided shore excursions (which are, by the way, difficult to find).

This shore excursion is not only super-affordable but also provides you with an expert guide to the Miracle Square where there is the Pisa Leaning Tower (you can pick the option which includes the entrance ticket to the tower).

If this is your first or second visit, you’re fit & healthy and don’t mind exploring all day… you will want Pisa to be just a quick stop on the way to:

One way of combining both Pisa and Lucca in a day would be by using a special tourist bus transfer service -  and for only 28,80 euros too! Read more about it and book your seats on this Bus Transfer to Pisa and Lucca here or read more on our Lucca page

If you want to maximize your day even more and have a tour guide by your side all day, check some of our recommendations below...

Is it worth booking one of the online day trips to Pisa? Just go check some of the reviews of the cruise passengers who booked them before you and you will see it definitely is!

3. Getting from Livorno cruise terminal to Pisa by Taxi

As you get off the cruise ship in Livorno Italy sea port, there will be taxis available to take you to Pisa.

Only some of them are authorized to enter the Livorno dock area and they will want to take you for a half-day/all-day tour.

Local taxis for shorter distances (to the train station or the center of Livorno) can be found some 300 feet (100 m) away at the exit from the dock area.

How much is a taxi to Pisa? What is the cruise terminal to Pisa taxi cost? The usual price for a taxi fare to Pisa is approx.€120 for a round trip for up to 4 people and that is with a 2-hour wait.

As we mentioned already, if you’re not into detailed exploration and climbing of the Pisa tower, 30-45 minutes around the Piazza dei Miracoli is more than enough, so maybe you can cut your wait time there and arrange with your taxi driver to take you to Lucca for that price too!

If you don't like the feeling of arranging a taxi ride in a foreign country, with a driver who hardly speaks English and fear of getting ripped off by drivers who won't stick to standard prices, I suggest booking one of the taxi transfers online:

4. How to get from your cruise dock to Pisa by train

pisa train station, getting from livorno to pisa by train

You can definitely take an independent trip from Livorno to Pisa.

The train ride from Livorno to Pisa takes only 25-30 minutes, which is great but getting from the cruise terminal to the train station can get a bit hectic if you are planning to catch a train at a specific time.

Namely, it involves a few steps and sometimes you can not control the departure times and durations of the ride:

  1. Getting from the cruise ship to Livorno Piazza Grande
  2. Getting from Piazza Grande to the train station

However, it is not impossible if it is planned well and if you do not have to stick to the schedule strictly. Of course, it all comes down to how long your cruise liner is staying in port for.

The step-by-step instructions are explained in more detail in our article Pisa by Train. Also, there you will find the train schedules, train departure times, and ticket fees.

Hopefully, this article helps you make an informed decision when it comes to picking the right way of getting from Livorno to Pisa, especially when you are on a very limited schedule like all cruisers are. 

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