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"Basically, these accessories for travel will help us create the feeling we’re home when far away from home!"

When we head for a Mediterranean cruise travel, there are a few areas that cruise travel accessories will help us with...

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Hygiene
  • Entertainment and Staying in Touch

Basically, these accessories will help us create the feeling we’re home when far away from home

1. Safety Accessories for Travel

Safety is a very important factor when we travel: all the important documents that we normally keep safe at home, large amounts of money, credit cards, our jewellery and watches, laptops and cell-phones will now travel with us, just a pocket away from someone’s sticky fingers.

We are most vulnerable when out and about at airports and Mediterranean cruise shore excursions where it’s very important to keep our valuables safe but also within our reach. In cases like that you will find safe travelers backpacks, money belts and neck pouches to be indispensable cruise travel accessories.

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To make sure you are safe and comfortable during your Mediterranean shore excursions, sometimes hours ride away from your cruise ship, double check if you’ve got all the Top 20 Cruise travel accessories for shore excursions and ports-of-call on your cruise packing list.

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2. Comfort Accessories for Travel

No matter how much you think you’re going on a vacation and you will get some good rest on a Mediterranean cruise, we’ve got news for you… with so much sightseeing, shopping and exploring to do, European cruises can be quite intense! That’s why keeping yourself nice and comfortable is so important. Air travel accessories will help you get through your flights as smoothly as possible: for instance, folding Noise Cancelling Headphones, No-Jet-Lag medication and a Comfort Eye Shade are a must if you want to get a good night’s sleep and arrive at your destination feeling good.

You certainly wouldn’t want to miss your sail away party or look bad in the photos your cruise ship photographers will take on the first night in the dining room.

Got trouble walking for long periods of time or climbing up a hill, but you wouldn’t miss seeing the Acropolis or Pompeii for anything? Then you’ll be happy to have the Sport Seat with you! Also, the Folding Travel Cane will help you master those long hikes when visiting Cinque Terre or scaling Vesuvius.

Staying on board your luxury Mediterranean cruise ship is generally very comfortable but sometimes there are factors we cannot control. Your cabin happens to be next to the ship’s theater and just when you wanted to take your afternoon nap you can hear the orchestra rehearsing for tonight’s show? A pair of earplugs will be heaven sent!

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3. Hygiene Accessories for Travel

It’s all under control as long as we’re onboard our cruise ship, or is it? Love to walk barefoot around the cabin? The carpets get vacuumed, yes, but when was the last time they were actually cleaned? Maybe you will be happy to have packed these Ultra Soles with you after all.

Going on a shore excursion? There are a few items you should never leave your cruise ship without if you don’t want to be the one starting the tummy bug epidemics on board and getting yourself into quarantine for the rest of the cruise: WC Kit (10-envelope packet), a water purifier and HandClens.

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4. Entertainment and Staying in Touch Accessories for Travel

Nowadays we’re all a bit spoiled… doing the crosswords isn’t always everyone’s idea of staying entertained.

Writing good old-fashioned postcards just doesn’t do it anymore when it comes to staying in touch with friends and families back home.

That’s why we drag our laptops, iPhones, cell phones, iPods to keep us entertained during long flights, days at sea and long bus rides to our European shore excursion destinations.

Before you pack them, remember to think of Adapters and Chargers - Cruise Travel Accessories you will need when using these far away from home.


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