Practical tourist information for Venice cruisers

"There are some practical tourist informations that can make the life of a Med cruiser in Venice much easier. We want to make sure you feel comfortable once you leave your Europe cruise ship for the day."

Venice Tourist Information Offices (TI)

venice tourist information center

Whether you need a Venice map (to keep in your pocket as you’re getting around Venice), want to buy a Venice guide book, want to find out about concerts and exhibitions currently going on, or need some other practical tourist information you can always pop into one of the Venice Tourist Information Offices downtown Venice:

1. At the train station Santa Lucia (a great place for those of you who walk downtown Venice from Piazzale Roma) and need some quick tourist info on the way.

2. For those of you dropped off by a vaporetto or cruise ship organized water boat, the closest one will be near the San Marco Giardinetti vaporetto stop (on the way to Harry’s bar).

3. And if you need last minute help once you’re already at St. Mark’s square, turn your back to St. Mark’s Basilica and walk to the bottom of the square. You will find the TI in the left corner, under the colonnades.

Practical tourist information: Public toilets in Venice

Here’s a little practical tourist information Venice tip for our Europe cruise vacations aficionados:

When in Venice, you'll for sure go and have a little refreshment break in one of the cafés; or you'll be visiting museums, galleries and/or Murano glass factories… when you’re there, remember to use the toilet!

These toilets are much cleaner than those few public toilets that you can find around Venice. And they are free. Remember, public toilets cater to a big portion of about 200,000 visitors on a typical August day!

Now, having mentioned this, imagine only a portion of those people walking into a nearby café right off the street and going straight to the toilet.

My point is… and try to remember this... never, ever walk into a café and ask for the toilet without sitting down and ordering at least a little espresso!

Unless you’re really dying to enrich your vocabulary with some juicy Italian swearwords directed at you by the barmen.

If you really need to go to a public toilet, here’s the two that are closest to Piazza San Marco:

1. One is on the waterfront, right by the Tourist Info Centre near the San Marco Giardinetti vaporetto stop.

2. For the other one:

• turn your back to St. Mark’s Basilica

• walk to the bottom end of the Piazza San Marco

• walk through the arcade to the other side of Museo Correr

• you'll see the public toilet signs near the main Post Office.

Practical tourist information in Venice: ATM machines

These can be a bit tough to find in the centre of Venice.

1. You'll find one round the corner from the Post Office mentioned above (behind Museo Correr), but it tends to be out of service quite often.

2. Another one is just behind the Clock Tower, by St. Mark's square, but the last time we checked this one had instructions in Italian only!

3. So your best bet would be the ATM which is down at the Calle Larga 22 Marzo.

Here’s how to get there:

• once again, go to the bottom of Piazza San Marco, past the TI center in the left corner

• carry on straight ahead past the Chanel & Louis Vuitton boutiques

• continue on down, and go past the recently closed American Express on the right hand side

• cross the bridge…

• go past the big Salvatore Ferragamo & Gucci boutiques

• the ATM machine is on the left hand side, right near the Gucci boutique!

With the help of this practical tourist information for our Mediteranean cruisers, you're all set for a great day out in Venice!

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