Taormina Map - Taormina Monuments and Attractions

"On our Taormina map, you will also be able to locate the Duomo, Pallazo Corvaia, the Roman Odeon and other Taormina monuments..."

The medieval hill top town of Taormina is definitely one of the most charming spots on the island of Sicily. Less than an hour drive away from Messina, it is one of the favorite desinations for Mediterranean cruise guests.

That’s why we have put together this customized Google Taormina map that will help you get from Messina Sicily to Taormina by train or take one of the Taormina on your own tours.

If you do travel to Taormina by taking a train from Messina Sicily to Taormina, make sure you check the position of Giardini Naxos on our Taormina map as it is a bit distant from the town itself. You can find detailed steps on getting from the railway station to the top of the cliff, where the town is, in our article Messina Sicily to Taormina by train.

*To locate all Taormina attractions on the map, click the link immediately below it for a larger view with a legend*

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If you took a taxi from the train station, they would have dropped you off at either Porta Catania or Porta Messina which you can locate on the map.

If you took one of the local buses, they would have dropped you off at the bus station in Via Pirandello, also marked on the map.

If your time in Taormina is very limited make sure you walk down Corso Umberto and Via Teatro Greco that we have outlined for you. They will take you past the most beautiful squares like Piazza Aprile, viewpoints, restaurants, shops and cafes, right to the famous Taormina Greek theatre.

If you have more time, allow yourself to get lost in the little streets south of Corso Umberto or even stop by the local Trevelyan gardens!

On our Taormina map, you will also be able to locate the Duomo, Pallazo Corvaia, the Roman Odeon and other Taormina monuments.

In our article on Taormina Monuments, we have listed the top 10 of them, just enough for a couple of hours you will be spending here.

Just as with most of the smaller towns in the Mediterranean, here in Taormina, it’s all about the atmosphere and enjoying the moment. So apart from running around checking the monuments, get your eyes off the Taormina map and don’t miss the views, small Sicilian ceramics decorations on the houses and of course, tasting the famous Sicilian Canoli!



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