Set your wake-up call way before you reach Venice city!

"Sail-in into this city is one of the most magical moments, one of the highlights of your Italy Venice cruise."

Be up! Definitely be up about an hour before your official sail-in into Venice city. Quickly! Get out on the open deck of your luxurious Mediterranean cruise ship and wait to be gently introduced. The lady of the sea is waiting for you...

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Sail-in into this city is one of the most magical moments, one of the highlights of your Italy Venice cruise. To see her bustling with tourists up close and personal, right in her face, on St. Mark’s square, is one thing…and you won’t miss this no matter how you come here.

But to sneak up on this fragile city with your gigantic Europe cruise ship, which is probably bigger than any of the Venice attractions, its gorgeous churches flanking it’s quiet, foggy canals, 7 am in the morning…now that’s something completely different.

During the day she is always at her best…her best gown on, her wig, with her make up fully applied…all for thousands of her admirers that come to bow to her beauty every day…after all, she is is all about masks and keeping up appearances!

But to surprise La Serenissima early in the morning when she’s just managed to wipe the sleep from her Adriatic blue eyes…you’ll catch her blush in the early morning sun.

This sight is especially for you if you cruise Venice city and cruise Italy!

Also, this might be the only chance to see locals making their way to the bakery, local Venice vaporettos packed with commuters so bad that you wonder how come they are still afloat, and perhaps a few avid souls doing their morning jog.

Now that your cruise ship is docked, head for your breakfast and then straight for the gangway!

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