Capri Blue Grotto - Is It Worth
Visiting Grotta Azzura From Naples?

"Capri Blue Grotto - how to visit Grotta Azzura from your cruise ship in Naples? What are the best tours to visit the world famous cave? What is the real entrance ticket price?

What is so special about the Blue Grotto?

Capri Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzura) is a world famous natural attraction of the isle of Capri.

A lot has been written about this natural cave and its surreal, phosphorescent blue light, created by the daylight entering the cave through an underwater opening located below the entrance.

The blue is intensified even more by the fact that the water filters through all the red shades of light and what you see is a blue so vibrant and real you feel like you can capture its essence in a jar.

We know for sure that the Capri Blue Grotto has been known since Roman times, especially under the rule of emperor Tiberius.

The remains of statues of the sea god Neptune/Triton, dating to the 1st Ct. A.D. have been found in the Grotto and they once lined the walls of the cave decorating Tiberius’ private swimming pool or nympheum.

BlueGrotto1Out of this world atmosphere of the Blue Grotto

After Roman times the cave was avoided by locals, who believed it to be inhabited by witches and monsters.

The Blue Grotto was “rediscovered” at the beginning of the 19th Ct when a Polish poet August Kopish wrote a book about it.

This started a whole avalanche of poems and novels that, in the spirit of Romanticism and man’s return to nature, glorified the beauties of the Blue Grotto and triggered a flow of visitors to the isle of Capri.

Having such a reputation, it is only natural that cruise visitors to Naples and Capri wish to visit the Capri Blue Grotto.

Everything you need to know before visiting the Capri Blue Grotto:

So here’s a few things you should know before you plan your visit to Capri:

  • First of all, visiting the Blue Grotto is possible for cruise ship passengers coming from Naples or Sorrento (the easiest way to to it via a shore excursion which I will tell you about later).
  • Doing it with one of the shore excursions, it is even possible to see some other destinations in the Bay of Naples (hold on for it!)
  • If you are doing it on your own, dedicate your whole day to visiting Capri only. With a visit to the cave taking some time and unexpected waits and hold-ups possible, it will be tough to plan your time exactly. 
  • Do not combine Capri with Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Vesuvius or Sorrento or at least leave your plans to do that very flexible
  • Capri Blue Grotto, as beautiful a place as it is, isn’t the only thing you should be focused on when visiting the isle of Capri. On the contrary… if you are visiting for the first time, we would suggest you visit the town of Capri and its attractions, charm and atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful spots in the world and it is a real privilege to visit it!

I mentioned the shore excursion that will make your life much, much easier on this day. Here's what I found for you (the last tour has an option of departure from Sorrento):

If you would like to combine Capri, Blue Grotto and some other destination in the Bay of Naples (and who wouldn't?) here's the best options for you...(remember, don't do these combinations on your own, you might miss the ship!)

The third option is to go from Naples cruise port to Capri Island on your own, using a hydrofoil and then meet your tour in Marina Piccola port of Capri. I have found the best rated/priced tours for you here:

* Did you know there was a 'Reserve now & pay later' option on Viator?

  • The boats that go to the landing at the entrance of the Capri Blue Grotto leave from the smaller pier attached to the long hydrofoil/ferry pier in Marina Grande . You will see it right in front of the entrance to the funicular.
  • There, you can purchase tickets for larger boats that will take you to the landing in front of the Grotto. The cost of this first boat is approx. €14 per person.
  • capri marina grandeThe blue booth is the Blue Grotto ticket point

    Capri Blue Grotto - Practical Information

    blue grotto cost, grotta azzura photo
  • The boat ride from the Marina Grande pier to the Grotta Azzura landing is about 15 minutes long.
  • Once at the landing of the Capri Blue Grotto, you will be dispatched into smaller row boats operated by a different company that take 2-3 people maximum.
  • You will pay an extra €14 per person for that smaller boat that takes you inside the cave. 
  • Please be aware that the boatmen can be quite aggressive in asking for a tip too, so be ready for it with another couple of euros in your pocket to tip them.
  • Here's some useful facts about the Capri Italy Blue Grotto: the entrance to the Capri Blue Grotto is very small, about 1 meter (3.2 feet) high above the sea level, and you will be required to lay down in the boat while the boatman manoeuvres the boat inside through the passage. Inside the cave, the vault has an average height of 7 meters (23 feet).
  • Once you get inside the grotto, you can enjoy the view of the surreal blue light for a couple of minutes. The length of your stay inside will largely depend on the number of boats waiting to get in.
  • Normally, there’s no time for you to swim inside the Capri Blue Grotto. You may only luck out if you’re visiting in the low season and there’s no other boats/visitors waiting to get in. But then, be ready to pay a hefty tip to the boatman for this pleasure.
  • In times of rough seas, it is impossible to enter the Grotto and your trip will be cancelled. So, do not set your heart too much on visiting if the seas the least bit rough.
  • But don't worry, the town of Capri is so wonderfully beautiful, it will be one of the highlights of your cruise-
  • If you already find yourself on the isle of Capri, you might as well take one of the walking tours:

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