Getting to Capri town
from Marina Grande

"Marina Grande is the waterfront part of Capri town, with some charming cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops but where you want to head is the Capri town which is up above on the top of the cliff..."

After your hydrofoil ride from Naples to Capri, you will find yourself in Marina Grande - the waterfront part of the isle of Capri Italy, with some charming cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops but where you want to head is the town of Capri which is up above on the top of the cliff.

After your travel to Capri, there are two spots where your hydrofoil could possibly dock. Either right on the waterfront, left from the Funicolare entrance or somewhere along the long pier to the right from the Funicolare entrance when facing it.

capri marina grandeFunicolare entrance is in the white building, on the right from the Bar Gelateria

As you can already see, the entrance to the Funicolare will be our point orientation when we talk about things you can find in the Marina Grande.

So, either way, find this white-facade tunnel-looking entrance first.

Now, if you don’t know what a Funiculare is…it is like a mini railway tram that takes you to the top of the cliff where your final desitnation is…the magical Capri town.

If your hydrofoil dropped you off at the long pier, head to its end first.

capri pierGo to the end of this pier to find the Funicolare up to Capri town

As you walk, towards the end of the pier, on your left, you will see a smaller pier where from boats to Capri Blue Grotto are leaving. If this is how you want to spend your day in Capri, pre-book one of the tours they do sell out quickly on the ship.

On the right, by the very end of the pier, there will be the Port Authority building with a Tourist Information Office.

In front of you there will be many typical Capri cabriolet taxis that are one way of getting you up to the top of the cliff where the Capri town is.

capri taxiThis is where there are taxis in the morning. Funicolare/hydrofoil tickets booths are to the left.

Another way of getting up to the Capri town in on foot…however, something’s telling me you won’t be up for that option once you see the height of the cliff. That’s why we won’t go into detail about it.

There are also little buses that depart from the little square in front of the ticket booth area. However, not many cruisers will use those either.

So…the final option when it comes to getting to Capri town from Marina Grande is - Funicolare!

The reason is because it’s something new, different and exciting and it offers amazing views as you climb up!

The Funicular railway trams leave every 5 minutes in the high season. Now, before you head for that tunnel-looking entrance to the Funicolare, you need to get your ticket for it somewhere else!

As you got to the end of the pier, turn around the building with the Tourist Info Office and you will see a big sign directing you behind the building.

funicolare tickets capri, getting around capri

There you will find the ticket booths, easy to locate on our Capri map and that’s where you will need to get 2 types of tickets standing in two different lines:

1) Funicular tickets: you will need 2 of those per person, one to take you up and one down. The fee is 1.80 euro each way. The line for these is the one lining to the ticket booth closer to the white building with TI Office.

2) Hydrofoil tickets - If you haven’t got your tickets to return to Naples yet, or you are going to Sorrento, this is the time and place to get them.

To get your hydrofoil tickets you will stand in a line separate from the Funicolare tickets line. Look for the signs as every line will take you to the booth selling only certain times/destinations.

capri ticket boothIt gets very busy before noon here or just before hydrofoils depart - get your tickets as soon as you get on the island!

When you’re purchasing the hydrofoil tickets ask them which pier it will be departing from but take it with some reserve as it changes all the time. For the final information check the electronic board on the white building with the TI Office.

Only now will you be ready to head towards the white tunnel-looking entrance to the Funicolare railway. Validate your ticket through the machine counting the number of people that can get on the tram. If you have a group of many people with you, check the people counting display to make sure you all get on the same funicular tram.

First you will be waiting until the funicular gets all the way down the track and stop and only then will the door open for you to approach the train.

Our suggestion is to walk to the furthest/highest compartment as its door open first on the arrival, making it possible to get out first and avoid all the crowds lining up on the stairs.

inside the funicolareGet close to the window to enjoy the views

In some compartments there are small handy benches for a couple of people to sit down. But the ride is so quick most people will simply stand up.

The ride takes less than 5 minutes and voila…get out of the funicolare, climb the steps out to the higher level and you will find yourself in the breathtaking little square, the famous Piazzetta of Capri!

capri piazettathe piazetta of capri, my most favourite little square in the world!

From there enjoy the absolutely breathtaking views and start noticing the atmosphere so different from anywhere else! This island is the essence of beauty, luxury and enjoyment. See it for yourself!

Can't be bothered with all these steps involved in getting to Capri town? You can always book one of the shore excursions leaving from Naples and getting you back to the ship in time:

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