Top 20 Travel Accessories for Women

" Travel accessories for women - here’s our choice of cruise accessories every woman should add to her packing list for cruise vacations in the Mediterranean."

1. A Travel Tote

When flying or sitting at the airport for hours it’s important you have a tote big enough to carry all your essentials with you!

2. Dual Voltage Flat Iron

3. Flat Out Toiletry Kits

Designed for maximum versatility and organization, these handy kit may be packed flat inside a suitcase or zipped up and stashed inside your carry-on bag.

4. Sleep Mask

During your trip there will be many moments when you will have to catch a nap far from your comfortable bed: at the airport, on the airplane, on a bus coming back from your shore excursions, on a hydrofoil or a ferry… this mask will help you get a restful sleep.

5. Mini Curling Iron

When onboard a Mediterranean cruise ship, there’s going to be many occasions when you will want to look good. If your schedule on the day of the formal night is too busy to go to the spa for your hair do, or you cannot get an appointment, you’ll be glad you had one of these on you!

6. Sunscreen Wipes

Carrying heavy sunscreen bottles when going on a tour isn’t very handy. But going out sightseeing Delos island, the Pyramids of Giza or Ephesus without putting sunscreen on is out of the question. That’s where your Shady Day Sun Wipes with SPF 30 sunscreen come in handy!

7. Leather Luggage Tags

These richly grained leather luggage tag comes in bright colors to make it easy to identify your bag on the luggage carousel. The covered ID windows keep address info hidden.

8. Feminine Wipes

From the airports and long flights to all-day shore excursions, there will be many occasions you’ll be glad you had these essential travel accessories for women!

9. Footsies

Luxuriously comfortable, footsies keep feet warm on long flights and provide welcome relief after a day of sightseeing. In fact, they are so comfy and cozy, you'll want to wear them at home, too!

10. Travel Bottle Set

These high quality, clear plastic bottles are TSA compliant so they won't be confiscated at airport security.



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