How to reach Venice cruise terminal hassle free

"Learn how to reach Venice cruise terminal, Stazione Marittima, as well as its new dock at Marghera industrial port. 

Stazione Marittima central areaInside the Stazione Marittima - terminal buildings are behind my back

Venice cruise terminal Stazione Marittima is many a cruise line's starting port or one of the ports-of-call when it comes to Mediterranean cruises.

Actually it is the cruiselines like Costa, NLC, MSC Cruises, Uniworld, Windstar, CroisiEurope, Silversea Cruises, Oceania, Star Clippers, Viking Ocean, SeaDream Yachtclub and Atlas Ocean Voyages that are still docking in Venice. 

Other cruises replaced Venice with ports like Ravenna, Trieste or Monfalcone, following Italy's 2022 ban of large cruise ships entering the Venice Lagoon and docking at downtown terminals.

If you are embarking/disembarking/docking with your cruiseship in one of these ports you might find these transfers useful:

However, you need to be aware that although Stazione Marittima is still where all the check-in, embarkation and disembakation procedures are happening, cruise ship DO NOT dock here anymore, they actually dock at Marghera cruise port (actually it is an industrial area that serves as a cruise ship dock).

Still, all the below info on reaching the Venice cruise terminal applies as you will stil go to Stazione Marittima if you want to embark/disembark the ship. Your cruiseline will shuttle you from there to Marghera cruise port as no local transport, taxis or tours have access to it due to the fact it is just a big enclosed industrial area!

MargeraDockA cruise ship docked at Marghera - on the way to the free shuttle bus to Stazione Marittima

How do I get to Venice cruise terminal?

Now, relax, stop stressing about how you’ll get to your ship at one of the Venice port locations because it’s no rocket science!

I know you might have heard Venice is a city on water, full of canals and bridges and you think that makes the whole getting-around thing very difficult. 

But don’t worry, here at the Mediterranean Cruise Ports Easy we have all the answers for you - you'll get to know how to reach Venice cruise terminal.

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Where is Venice cruise terminal?

To find out more about each one of the 3 terminals  that make up the port of Venice, and what their locations are, read our article on Venice port. 

Also, below you can see the location of Stazione Marittima in relation to Piazzale Roma but also to Marghera cruise port which you will be shuttled to from the Stazione.

That way you can start planning your transportation to and from your Venice cruise terminal early enough.

Usually, most larger ships today have guests embark/disembark at the Stazione Marittima, and then bus them to/from Marghera cruise port, which is part of Venice cruise terminal.

How to reach Venice cruise terminal from Venice Marco Polo airport.

1. CRUISELINE TRANSFER- find out if your cruise line has a transfer service organized. Often, at the airport you will see cruise line staff with your cruise line’s signs, directing their passengers towards the transfer buses. Inquire about the cost of this service with your cruise line or your travel agent.

costa cruiseline

2. TAXI - Venice taxi takes you straight from the Marco Polo airport (the primary option for most inernational flights) to the central square of Stazione Marittima Port of Venice. It is relatively inexpensive and it's easy and hassle free.

Here's a land taxi transfer option you can book online, without waiting in line at the airport: 

3. WATER TAXI- Since many cruiselines altered their itineraties and dock either at the alternative ports in Italy or at the industrial area of Marghera, Stazione Marittima is not that busy and in summer of 2023 I haven't really seen any water taxis bringing passengers in here.

In the past, taking a Venice water taxi from the airport in Venice Italy to the Venice cruise terminal may have been a bit pricey but there were numerous benefits for using this service.

Today, the same applies for those of you who want to take a water taxi from the airport to Piazzale Roma (within easy reach of Stazione Marittima via People Mover).

Taking a water taxi in Venice is a:

  1. Scenic and Unique Experience: Venice is famous for its canals, and traveling by water taxi allows you to experience the city's unique transportation system firsthand. You can enjoy picturesque views of the surrounding lagoon during the journey.
  2. Direct Transportation: Water taxis provide a direct route from the airport to Piazzale Roma, without the need for additional transfers or modes of transportation. This can be convenient, especially if you have a lot of luggage or prefer a hassle-free journey.
  3. Time-Saving: Traveling by water taxi can be faster compared to other modes of transportation, as it avoids traffic congestion on roads. It offers a more direct and efficient route, allowing you to reach the cruise port more quickly.
  4. Flexibility: Water taxis operate throughout the day, providing flexibility in terms of departure times. They can accommodate your schedule and can be particularly convenient if you have an early morning or late-night arrival at the airport.

As I have already mentioned, taking a water taxi can be a more expensive option compared to other modes of transportation, such as buses or shared water shuttles.

However, if you value the convenience, speed, and unique experience of traveling by water in Venice, a water taxi can be a worthwhile choice.

how much is taxi from venice cruise terminal

As each water taxi takes up to 6 people with luggage (check with each service provider), you can benefit from their service if you are arriving in a bigger group and will be splitting the cost. So if you want to arrive in style...go for it!

Here's a few suggestions of local water taxi services from the airport to Piazzale Roma that cruisers love to book (the first service is shared while the second is are private)

LAND BUS - How to reach Venice port by public service coach or busy? Easy, read our instructions below:

You can easily get from Marco Polo airport to Piazzale Roma (the transportation hub and the last point cars can reach before historic Venice).

From there it's fairly easy to reach Venice cruise terminal using the People Mover. Although it involves splitting your trip in 2 parts, it can save you some money if you're cruising on a budget.

There are 2 options with the land buses:

  • ATVO shuttle buses- This is express bus service that goes straight from point A to Point B. They leave every 30 minutes from platform 1 at the airport, the ride takes 20 minutes. They have a luggage compartment where the driver will stow your bags. This is actually the cheapest way of getting from the airport to Piazzale Roma. It's a five star service booked by dozens of our readers each day, so make sure you book your tickets ahead:

  • The orange ACTV bus also links the airport with Piazzale Roma but it’s more like a regular public bus. Although cheaper, it does not have luggage compartments. If you do have a few bags, you will have to take them with you on the bus. 

Bus #5 to Piazzale Roma departs from the far left of the airport exit. Make sure you stay on the bus until the very last stop as the bus will stop a number of times on the way (it's not an express service).

Once at Piazzale Roma, you still have to get to the Stazione Marittima. How? Scroll down for more information on how to get to Venice Cruise terminal from Piazzale Roma.

How to reach Venice cruise terminal from St Mark's square, or your hotel

In case you need to reach the cruise port of Venice from Piazza San Marco or St Mark's square, or the hotel - lucky you! That means you spent some time in Venice before your cruise.

costa cruiseline, stazione marittima, venice cruise terminal

In this case you will already be on good terms with Venice and your hotel concierge will be able to help you with this too.

But just to give you a few pointers:

  • WATER TAXI - as explained above, water taxis are the easiest but also the most expensive way of getting around Venice. They can take you straight from your hotel to Piazzale Roma
  • From Piazzale Roma you will take People Mover to Stazione Marittima where you will go through the embarkation procedures. After that, your cruise line will shuttle you to Marghera industrial area dock where your ship will be. 
  • Prices are for groups up to 4 usually so the cost could be reasonable, once split. If you decide to go with this option, you’re in for an arrival in style!
  • Now, I have found an even better service: if you click on the photo below you will see a combined water taxi/private car transfer from your hotel into the port of Stazione Marittima! Which means you don't have to waste time using the People Mover!

  • VAPORETTO - you can take vaporetto #1 from close to Piazza San Marco (San Zaccaria stop, in front of the Danieli hotel Venice) or any point down the Venice Grand Canal. The trip takes about 35 minutes. It will be €7,50 per person. Please keep in mind there is also an extra charge for each piece of big luggage.

If you have experienced a ride down the Venice Grand Canal already, and time is an issue when getting onboard your cruise ship, take vaporetto #2 from Piazza San Marco (San Zaccaria stop) to Piazzale Roma.

From there follow the below instructions on how to get to Venice cruise terminal from Piazzale Roma.

  • ALILAGUNA LINEA BLU- In the past, if your hotel was close to Piazza San Marco, you could take the LINEA BLU direct boat from San Marco Giardinetti straight to Stazione Marittima Venice cruise terminal.

Alilaguna is a private powerboat company that uses the ACTV landing jetties.

For the cost of €8 per person the LINEA BLU boat used to drop you off inside the Stazione Marittima from where you walked towards your check-in building. As of 2022, with cruise ships being banned from docking at Stazione Marittima, this service was stopped and Alilaguna moved their stop to the carpark of Tronchetto.

AlilagunaTicketBoothAlilaguna ticket booth is still there but it's closed as the service isn't operational

How to reach Venice cruise terminal at Stazione Marittima from Piazzale Roma

Piazzale Roma from Calatrava bridgeDescending into Piazzale Roma square from the Calatrava bridge

Piazzale Roma is a traffic hub of Venice. It is positioned at the very end of the Venice Grand Canal, close to Santa Lucia train station.

As this is the last point cars and land buses can get to from the mainland, this is where you will find, in one small area, all the means of transportation to get you in or out of Venice.

Here you will find:

This is where your airport buses would have dropped you off, as well as vaporettos from stops along the Grand Canal or Piazza San Marco, while you're trying to make your way to the Venice cruise terminal.

So here's the options when it comes to getting from Venice Piazzale Roma square to the Port of Venice, Stazione Marittima (remember, you still need to go here for your embarkation procedures, you DO NOT go straight into Marghera industrial port).

  • WALK- Yes, it is actually possible to walk. This will be a money saving option if you are really on a budget. However, keep in mind, the sidewalks are pretty narrow and you will have to compete for that space with other people.

With all that luggage, it will take you about 20 min to reach the main square inside the Venice cruise terminal. Depending on where your cruiseline's terminal building is inside the port, it will take you another 5-10 minutes to reach it.

If you are healthy and fit and don't mind walking, you might consider this option. However, if you have problems walking and you might mind the hot Venetian sun in the high season, pass on this!

What's really great is that since 2010 you can cut your trip much shorter by using the Venice people mover.

If you, for some reason still decide to walk all the way from Piazzale Roma to Venice cruise terminal, here's the DIRECTIONS:

  • Turn your back to the local bus stations in Piazzale Roma
  • The parking building and its car rentals will be on your left hand side
venezia piazzale roma, piazzale roma parking, from piazzale roma
  • Walk up the road for about 10 minutes until you reach the gas station on the right-hand side
  • venice cruise terminal, venice port, stazione marittima venice
  • Take a left and start descending down towards the port
  • venice cruise terminal, venice pier, port of venice
  • Go past the entrance and security point and reach the main square of Venice port, next to terminal #107.
  • Venice Stazione Marittima
  • Find your cruise line terminal/ship from there
  • VENICE PEOPLE MOVER - Since 2010 cruisers are very lucky to have the option of using this automated electric train and make their trip to the cruise terminal much easier and cheaper. Read about it on our page Venice people mover.

    TAXI- taxi ride from Piazzale Roma to the Venice cruise terminal takes only about 5 minutes. The charge is about €15 but they normally will charge you extra for the luggage too.

    FREE SHUTTLE- these are available only on days when Italian cruise lines (eg. Costa) have turnaround days in Venice. If you turn your back to the Venice Grand Canal, you will find the free shuttle bus on the left hand side corner of the Piazzale Roma, by the bank. It is called Tourist bus.

    piazzale roma bus, bus to venice cruise terminal, port of venice

    PUBLIC BUS- Local bus #6 that leaves from bus stop C3 will drop you off right by the Venice cruise port gate. From there, it's only a few minutes walk into the Venice cruise terminal area. You need to purchase the ticket before you board the bus.