Map of Venice – Venice Italy Map of Stazione Marittima and Piazzale Roma

Here's how Venice Italy map of Stazione Marittima can be of help to you

1. Map of Venice - If Venice is where you get aboard your Mediterranean cruise ship

Venice Italy Map of Venice cruise terminal will give you an idea of the layout of the different piers… as you can see they are all easy to reach on foot from the central square of the area.

The central square on the map of Venice is where you will be dropped off if you’re taking a land taxi into the port.

Also, if your cruise line is one of those that organize a shuttle bus from Piazzale Roma to Venice cruise terminal, this is your final destination.

If you have spent a few days in Hotels in Venice before your cruise and now you’re taking a water taxi from your hotel or an Alilaguna water bus from Piazza San Marco into the port, you will see where their landings are, just in front of the terminal building no. 113.

If you’re waiting to board the ship and would like to drop off your luggage and have a snack, you will find the location of the luggage acceptance point and a snack bar inside the port.

*To locate all the Venice transport points of interest on the map, click the link immediately below it for a larger view with a legend*

2. Map of Venice - If Venice is the disembarkation port for your Mediterranean cruise ship

In this case, you will appreciate the fact that on our Venice Italy map of Stazione Marittima you will find the location of the land taxi rank in case you will be taking Venice land taxis to the Marco Polo airport.

If you are staying in Hotels in Venice you can either: walk Venice to Piazzale Roma (if your hotel is in the area) following the yellow line on the map, take an Alilaguna Venice vaporetto from in front of the terminal building no. 113 or book a private water taxi transfer that will be waiting just for you. You will find the water taxi point inside the port terminal on our map of Venice too.

If you are supposed to take a train from the Santa Lucia train station to some other Italian destination after your cruise, you can find it located on our map.

There is also a Venice rent-a-car located in the Piazzale Roma. 3. Map of Venice - Calling to Venice as a part of your cruise.

If Venice is a regular port-of-call on your Mediterranean cruise, you will be happy to see what options you have when it comes to transportation from the port to St Mark’s square.

First of all you can always walk Venice and save some money!

You can either walk all the way to St Mark’s square or to Piazzale Roma only (you will cut your walking time short by using the new Venice people mover) and then take a Venice vaporetto from there. No matter what your choice is, make sure you read our article Walk Venice.

Another option is taking one of the cruise line organized Venice water buses downtown Venice. Landings for those vary depending on the ship’s position inside the terminal: they are either right in front of or just behind the ship and you will be directed to them by the cruise ship staff.

Unfortunately, if there are no other cruise ships having a turnaround day with you in port that day, you won’t be able to use the Alilaguna vaporetto that takes you directly to Piazza San Marco. So you might as well disregard the position of the Alilaguna Venice vaporetto landing on our map of Venice.

The same with land Venice taxis… if it’s not turnaround day for some other ship in port, you won’t find many land taxis there. If it is, they could only take you to Piazzale Roma, which is the furthest the roads will take you into Venice and you don’t want to spend your money on such a short ride.

If all this just sounds too complicated you can always pre-book your private transfer from the cruise port to Venice.

Another point of interest for you on our map of Venice might be the location of the customs office! Namely, if the very next port after your call to Venice is out of the EU (eg. any Croatian ports), you might get your customs stamp for all the shopping you’ve done so far within the EU. That way you will be able to claim back your Value Added Tax upon leaving the EU!

If you'd like to make your day in Venice as easy as possible, here's some suggestions for water/land transfers in many directions you can book online: