How to Use Venice People Mover

Easy tips on how to use Venice people mover, how to get from the cruise port terminal to the People mover, hours of operation, ticket fees and fares etc.

What is Venice People Mover?

Venice People Mover, sometimes called the Venice monorail or tram, is a fully automated electric train that doesn't have a driver.

It started operating in April 2010, so If you haven't been to Venice for a while you wouldn't have seen it.

Where does the Venice People Mover go?

It goes from the entrance/exit of Venice Stazione Marittima cruise port to Piazzale Roma (where real, historical Venice starts), which is only 10 minutes away on foot but it cuts out boring walking in the area which is not of historical importance for tourists.

How to use People when getting from the cruise ship into Venice?

Stazione Marittima walkwaySometimes is quite far from where bus drops you off inside Stazione to its exit

If you are not on one of the cruise line organised shore excursions in Venice you will want to get to the center of Venice and Piazza San Marco somehow.

Just keep in mind one there is one important change when it comes to cruise ships docking in Venice: since 2022 it is not allowed for them to get close to the historical core of Venice (in Stazione Marittima) and now they dock much further away, at the Marghera cargo terminal

If you read the article on Marghera terminal, you will learn all the steps of getting to Stazione Marittima. 

From Stazione Marittima, the procedure is as follows:

  • Stazione Marittima Venice cruise terminal is quite big and different cruise lines transfer buses will stop at their terminals which could be closer or further away (up to 10 minutes walking) from Stazione's central square where most of the port's facilities are.
  • So, the first thing you would need to do is reach that central square of the Marittima Venice cruise terminal (check the map of Venice cruise port terminal and Piazzale Roma)
  • From there follow the signs to the People Mover which will cut your walking to Piazzale Roma for some 10 minutes.

Once you find yourself in Piazzale Roma, you will still need to either walk to Piazza San Marco for some 30-40 minutes or take one of the Venice vaporettos down the Venice Grand Canal.

Of course, there is always an option to walk Venice all the way from Stazione Marittima without using the Mover but it will take a lot of your energy, especially on hot days. 

People Mover signsFollow the signs inside Stazione Marittima
People Mover PlatformWaiting for the next train
Inisde People MoverInside the People Mover

How to use People Mover when joining ship in Venice?

It is actually more important to use the People Mover for people who are getting to the cruise ship from Venice airport or from their Venice Italy hotels as they will have their luggage with them.

One of the options when getting to the ship from Marco Polo airport is taking one of the buses to Piazzale Roma and then the People Mover.

If staying in one of the hotels in Venice you can get some kind of water transportation to the last stop on Venice Grand Canal in Piazzale Roma square and then proceed for a few steps to the People Mover station.

However, when you get off the Venice people mover at the Marittima Venice cruise terminal, you will still need to walk from the Stazione's grounds to reach your check-in hall. 

Where to find People Mover in Piazzale Roma?

How can I get from Piazzale Roma to my cruise ship?

No matter how you choose to reach Piazzale Roma, you will find the Venice people mover between the two carpark buildings in Piazzale Roma – it's a modern-looking glass structure.

But it's entrance is a bit hidden between cafes and shops. Just follow the signs.

People Mover EntrancePeople Mover entrance can be found just after the Pullman bar

How many stops are there on the way to the cruise port?

Only one. Also, there is only one additional stop after the Marittima one and that is the Troncheto parking stop.

How long is the ride?

It's just a couple of minutes.

Where can I get the tickets and how much is the fare?

You can get the tickets at the vending machines for either euro coins, paper banknotes, or credit card. The fare is 1,50 euro per person one way no matter where you get off.

When you buy the ticket, scan it at the entry checkpoing.

A word of caution when purchasing tickets at the Piazzale Roma station: be wary of sketchy guys attempting to pickpocket in the area near the vending machines (they attempted to do so with our friend in the summer of 2023)

People Mover vending machines

What are the Venice People Mover operating hours?

Monday – Saturday       7 am-11 pm

Sunday and holidays     

April to October -       8 am – 10 pm

November to March -  8:30 am – 9 pm

Is the People Mover wheel-chair accessible?

Yes, there are lifts inside the station buildings and they are accessible for people with disabilities.

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