Capri Map - Where are Capri attractions on the map of Capri Italy

"Capri map will help you locate Capri attractions but also show you where is Capri on the Italy map

Capri is one of the favorite Mediterranean cruisers’ destinations in the Bay in Naples. And my my personal top favorite, I have to say.

Just a quick Capri ferry or hydrofoil ride from Naplestravel to Capri offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the hot and smoggy Naples.

And our Capri map will be a good accomplice in it!

What you will love about Capri Italy is that it gives you a little injection of La Dolce Vita which this part of the world is so famous for.

If it’s been a long time since you have spoilt yourself with simple pleasures like sipping on a coffee and people watching, inhaling the healing scents of the Mediterranean vegetation, or maybe a bit more serious pleasure of shopping for some luxury clothing or accessories… you will love Capri.

capri town photoOn the outskirts of Capri town

Map of Italy and Capri map

Visualize Italy as this elegant boot that kicks a soccer ball into the Mediterranean Sea. Naples city would be on the west coast, roughly where the shin area is.

Now, Capri is a dreamy island that is just a hop, skip, and ferry ride away from Naples if you venture a little southwest.

It resembles the glistening jewel on Italy's ankletie! 

Wondering what the best ways are to get to the Isle of Capri from your cruise ship in Naples? Read all about getting from Naples to Capri here. 

Capri is closer than you think and can be visited easily!

If you don't feel confident going to Capri on your own, treat yourself and your family with one of the unforgettable Viator tours from Naples cruise dock or Sorrento Marina Grande:

Where is Capri on the map of the Bay of Naples? 

Let's say you picture yourself standing in Naples, with the Stazione Marittima and your cruise ship behind your back. This dynamic city is located on the northeastern shore of the Gulf of Naples, a stunning bay.

Now, across the glistening blue waters to the southwest, you'll see this magnificent Italian island known as Capri. It resembles a tiny, fragrant, Mediterranean piece of paradise just begging to be discovered!

To get there, it's simple to take a hydrofoil from Sorrento or Naples on your own.

Thus, Capri provides this tranquil haven in the Tyrrhenian Sea while Naples is hopping with its urban appeal. Just a short boat ride away, it's like having the best of both worlds!

How to Maximize Your Day With Capri Map?

We know, your day as a cruiser may be very short, especially if you decide to combine it with Pompeii Italy, or Sorrento Italy.

You will need to decide ahead what to see in the short time you have. That’s why on our map of Capri town we have marked our top 10 Capri attractions that will help you decide what to do in Capri in a day.

If you are headed to visit Capri Island on your own or on one of the shore excursions that offer to get you on the island from your cruise ship safely, our map will help you find your way around.

On the map, you are shown the exact position of Marina Grande pier, which is the port where Capri ferries, or hydrofoils, to be more exact, coming from Naples or Sorrento will dock. It is marked with the Capri hydrofoil pier on the map. 

In the area, there is also a taxi rank, a Tourist Info Office, and ticket booths for both the hydrofoil back to Naples or Sorrento and the funicular tickets, all marked on our Capri map.

Namely, the little tram called the funicular (Funicolare di Capri) is what will take you from the bottom of the cliff, where the port is to the top of the cliff where the town is.

Make sure you read more about the whole procedure in our article Getting to Capri Town.

We have also marked the position of the boats leaving for the Capri Blue Grotto.

Once you get up to the town, you will find yourself in the Piazzeta of Capri, which is the main square. From there, all Capri attractions are easy to reach, including the Augustus Gardens (Giardini di Augusto) from where you will have a nice view of the Faraglioni, the Charterhouse (Certosa San Giacomo) and Via Camerelle street famous for brand-name shopping. 

You will find all of those and much more on our Capri map.

You can see attractions around the island on the Capri Wikipedia map. 

That way you can plan your Capri sightseeing and make sure you make the most of your time on this magical island.

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