Rhodes cruise ship dock -
Where is the cruise port in Rhodes Greece

Rhodes cruise ship dock is just a few minutes away from where you want to head first - the old town!

Where is Rhodes cruise ship dock located?

rhodes town entranceIf you walked out through this wall, you would see your cruise ship to the right

When you arrive in Rhodes on a cruise, you'll dock at the eastern part of the Old Town, and the pier used by the cruise ships is right under the old medieval city walls.

It's a lively spot with lots of boats and a great view. 

It's big enough to fit yachts, fishing boats, cruise ships, and other kinds of boats.

The entire area of the harbor is about eighty acres or thirty-two hectares. Although it's not the biggest harbor in the world, it's undoubtedly busy and provides tourists with a lovely environment.

So, get ready to step off your ship and start your adventure in Rhodes!

Can you walk from Rhodes cruise ship dock into the old town?

How far is Rhodes Old Town from your cruise ship?

Getting from Rhodes cruise ship dock to the old town of Rhodes is a real no-brainer.

No long tracks, no endless shuttle bus rides, and no tender boats...as you can see on our Rhodes map, you could pop to the Old Town of Rhodes in your pajamas or head out for an early morning jog along the Rhodes marina.

But everyone's favorite activity, of course, is exploring Rhodes's history with one of the professional tour guides! The history of Rhodes is so complex and layered, you just need to have one by your side.

Here are some of the top rated walking tours of the town:

How to get from Rhodes cruise ship dock into the old town?

Get off the cruise ship and walk down the pier for about 5 minutes. Towards the end of the pier, there will be a Duty-free shop for your last-minute shopping before getting back on the ship.

In the same building, you will find the Customs office. It's good to know this, as this is where you could stamp your shopping tax back check in case this happens to be your last EU port or simply if your ship visits a non-EU port the next day!

rhodes dock, where do ships dock in rhodes

Also, in the same area there is a cafe where mostly taxi drivers and cruise ship crew tend to hang out.

rhodes pier, rhodes dock, rhodes cruise terminal

Very close to the exit there is a Rhodes taxi stand with an army of taxi drivers who surround you the moment you walk out, hoping to sign you up for a half-day tour around the island or a trip to the beach.

However, as most of our readers do, taking one of the tested Viator tours is a much better value for money in the place where there is so much history to learn about.

Here are my recommendations for tours around the island of Rhodes:

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