Rhodes Map - Rhodes Sights and Attractions

"f you take a look at our Rhodes map you will see everything is within walking distance from the Rhodes cruise ship dock..."

Rhodes town Greece is one of the most preserved medieval towns in the world and your day there will be one of the highlights of your Mediterranean Cruise.

What our cruise guests have always loved about Rhodes is the fact you don’t really need to spend extra money on transportation and still have a fantastic day!

If you take a look at our Rhodes map you will see the museums, churches, mosques and synagogues, souvenir shopping, Greek specialty restaurants and beaches are all within walking distance from the Rhodes cruise ship dock!

Your Rhodes cruise ship dock is almost in the shade of the medieval walls, one of the attractions of this city, and on the Rhodes map we have outlined the 3-4 minute walk to one of the entrances into town, the Panagias gate.

If you prefer to go to Lindos Rhodes first thing in the morning, and come back to the old town in the afternoon, you can always grab one of the port Rhodes taxis or a car hire in Rhodes. We have marked the position of both on the map.

In Rhodes, you don’t even need a taxi to go to Rhodes beaches! There is a great hotel beach, Elii beach, just a 20-25 minute walk from the cruise ship dock and we have outlined the route for you.

It’s a nice walk with Rhodes monumental walls on one side and the waterfront on the other, so grab an ice cream or a gyro downtown and head for the beach in the afternoon!

When it comes to Rhodes sights, there are so many but we have picked only a few knowing you only want to see the highlights during your short day.

What we have picked for you as must-sees on this day are: the Rhodes knights of St John’ Street of the Knights - Ippoton, The Palace of the Grand Master and the Hospital of the Knights – The Archaeological Museum.

Located in a mysterious medieval building, the Archaeological museum is definitely one of the top attractions of Rhodes… however, if you are interested in one of the smaller, specialized Rhodes museums, you will be able to find them on our Rhodes map.

What we suggest you do once you are done with all the major sights, is to simply get lost in the little winding cobblestone streets of Rhodes town Greece. You can find them just south of the Square of the Jewish Martyrs on our Rhodes map.

Here, away from all the tourists and cheap made-in-China souvenirs, you will catch a glimpse of the real Rhodes, how it used to be centuries ago. Read more about this hidden part of Rhodes in our article Mysterious streets of Rhodes town Greece.



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