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When heading out for a day in Rhodes, as a Mediterranean cruise guest you have a few options when it comes to transportation:

  • You can book one of the tours and shore excursions online
  • You can book one of the tours and shore excursions offered by your cruise line
  • You can simply walk around. As you can see on our Rhodes map, the Old Town of Rhodes is literally across the road from the cruise ship terminal. There is even a town beach that can be reached on foot, only about 20 min walk from your cruise ship. For your first time ever visit to Rhodes, there is enough sights in the Old Town to keep you busy all day while in port
  • If you have already been here and wish to see more of the island on your own terms, you can rent a car/scooter
  • If you are in a real vacation mood (as you should be) and you don’t want to wrack your brain about which road to take and getting lost, you can always hire a taxi
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Rhodes taxi drivers will be available right there by the cruise ship dock by the duty free shop building and the little café you can all locate on our Rhodes map. If you dock on the other side of the pier, and you don't see the taxi stand anywhere, you might need to walk around to the other side of the pier.

As you walk to the exit of the pier area, like bees to honey, the taxi drivers will approach you offering their services.

There’s also another big taxi stand about a 5-10 min walk to the right from the cruise ship dock, by the Thalassini gate of Old town.

Most taxis in Rhodes will be able to take a maximum of 4 passengers only. Right there by the Rhodes taxi stand there is a big info board posted with different destinations and prices you can expect to pay.

However, instead of driving you to your destination and then leaving you there to find your own way back to the ship, Rhodes taxi drivers will prefer to set up a few hours long tour with you and stay with you all the time.

Although they are not licensed tour guides in any way, Rhodes taxi drivers will actually act as your “tour guides”.

TIP: Although you might be able to save some money if taking a Rhodes tour with a taxi driver, keep in mind:
  • You are responsible to get back to the ship in time. As opposed to official cruise line tours, the ship will not wait for you if you are late
  • Unlike with the official cruise line shore excursions, you will in no way be insured in case of an accident
  • Taxi drivers are not licensed tour guides

They will show you places you would otherwise have missed, give you little rundowns of history (ok, this depends on how good their English is and how much they know), take you to the hidden little beaches, suggest places to eat and even shop.

For example if you have never been to Lindos Rhodes and you would also like to have a little refreshing swim in the cool Mediterranean sea, they will set a little itinerary for you and your family, wait for you while you’re sightseeing or relaxing on the beach, meet you at the arranged time and make sure you come back to the ship safe and sound.

And that’s great! However, if you haven’t been to the Old Town of Rhodes before and you’re planning to spend your afternoon there, we suggest you really watch your time and don’t let the taxi driver make you spend the whole day away from it.

You should be the planner of your day, so before you get in the taxi arrange the following:

  • Places you would like to see
  • Price (from pickup to return by the cruise ship dock)
  • Time frame

When it comes to prices, it is difficult to give you any precise numbers.

But just for orientation’s sake, for a trip to Lindos Rhodes (45 min to get there, approximately 1 hour wait for sightseeing, 45 min back), you can expect to be quoted and pay €120 for up to 4 people in a taxi.

What's even better than just getting a taxi is booking the Rhodes Lazy Day Private Tour which gives you a driver/guide for 5 full hours at your disposal. Your wishes will be his command...and it's all through a professional tour operator. 



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