Alexandria Egypt Map – Top Alexandria Attractions

"Looking at our Alexandria Egypt map, you will notice that all the sights are quite far from each other and it would be impossible to walk around this big city looking for them!"

If you’re planning to spend the day in Alexandria Egypt, you’re in for a lot of fun and excitement! And you will find our Alexandria Egypt map a great help, especially if you’ll be taking care of your own transportation on that day.

One of the ways to see Alexandria is booking one of the cruise line organized tours… but also, you can hire one of Alexandria taxi cars for the day. In that case, you should take a look at our Alexandria map and first get an idea of where exactly your Alexandria port is.

It’s good to know that inside the cruise terminal, as marked on our map, there is a section with souvenir stalls, so you can always do your last minute shopping for those plush camels and belly dancing outfits if you don’t manage to get them anywhere else.

Once you zoom in on this customized Google map, you will also be able to see where exactly the official Alexandria taxi rank is inside the cruise terminal area or where you can catch one of the ‘unofficial’ taxis outside the port gate.

What attractions can be seen on Alexandria Egypt Map?

Before you hire Alexandria taxi, you should know which Alexandria attractions you’d like to see… otherwise, you will be left at the mercy of your taxi driver and what he thinks is important to see. So make sure you read our article Alexandria Attractions and then locate them on the map.

Looking at our map, you will notice that all the sights are quite far from each other and it would be impossible to walk around this big city looking for them.

Top sights of Alexandria are definitely Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, the Roman amphitheatre, Pompey’s Pillar at the spot of the ancient Serapeum and the new Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a monumental library inspired by the ancient Alexandria library.

On the way to the new library, you will be driving along the Corniche (the famous waterfront of Alex) which is where Cleopatra’s palace once stood, its position is marked on our map!

By David Evers from Amsterdam, Netherlands (Is this really Africa?), via Wikimedia Commons

Now sunk beneath the sea, Cleopatra’s palace is, just like the Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria at the Quaitbait Fort, and the Soma (Alexander the Great’s Mausoleum), one of the sights you won’t be able to see but only listen of their magnificence.

If you like the European culture of coffee houses, you will enjoy the spirit of Café Delices, famous at the beginning of the 20th Ct. Just like the nearby Hotel Cecil, this place was frequented by the local artists, politicians and businessmen.

At the moment we’re writing this, summer of 2011, the famous Greco Roman museum of Alexandria is still closed for renovation but you can still locate it on our map.

If you would like to do some western-style shopping or simply sit at the waterfront and sip on Starbucks, you can locate the San Stefano shopping mall on our Alexandria Egypt map and ask your Alexandria taxi driver to take you there!

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