Top 11 Cruise Travel Accessories for Mediterranean Cruise Excursions and Ports-of-Call

"Cruise travel accessories for shore excursions are there to make the time spent off the ship as comfortable as possible and keep our body in good condition so it can keep up with it all!"

When we’re onboard a Mediterranean cruise ship, we love to enjoy the amenities we’re used to in our everyday life: if we’re hot we can run in to enjoy some cool air-con, we can wash our hands with hot water, toilets are nice and clean, there’s plenty of drinking water, we’re protected from the rain and the wind…

However, while out on Mediterranean shore excursions or simply exploring the European ports-of-call, sometimes we’re left at the mercy of changing weather conditions, without running water and clean toilets, too far from the cruise ship to grab a warm sweater if we’re cold, forced to walk for long periods of time without a spot to sit down anywhere in sight. And we often tend to forget moments like that when we pack for cruise.

The tempo of Mediterranean shore excursions can sometimes be gruelling, with many port days in a row, you will find yourself waking up early day after day and spending most of the day out in the open. In a situation like that, it’s important to make the time spent off the ship as comfortable as possible and keep our body in good condition so it can keep up with it all.

That’s why we have put together an online travel accessories list of 11 Top cruise travel accessories you will be glad you had on you!

Most of them are all small enough to fit into your backpack or your tote bag, so better to have them than kick yourself later.

Make sure you go through them all and check them off your cruise travel accessories packing list!


Cruise Travel Accessories #1.

First of all, you need something you’re going to pack all your cruise travel accessories into! Your backpack is going to be your “portable-home” for the day. And it better be safe!


Your shore excursion is not too long and you just need a little something to put your "must carry" items into? Find a fanny pack that will fit in your wallet, spare batteries, cell phone and SD cards.


Some people don't mind taking photos with a cellphone. Others can't imagine going to Europe without some serious photo equipment. If you are one of those and have invested lots of money into your toys, make sure you have a good camera bag to protect it.


The most valuable things we take with us on Mediterranean cruise excursions are always best to keep where we can have them under control and where they are easy to reach. A neck pouch, one of the must have cruise travel accessories, is where you will be keeping your money and your cruise ship ID (you don’t want to lose that!)


Keep your money away from the eyesight of those cunning thieves/pick-pockets in any port-of-call!


Dermatologists suggest you always wear a hat in addition to the sunscreen to protect you from the damaging sun rays. The wider the brim, the better you'll see the Acropolis, Ephesus or the Colosseum.


I don't know about you but I'm grumpy all day if I forget my sunglasses. Make sure the ones you take to Europe are both fashionable (especially if going to Italy or France) but at the same time protect you from the UV radiation.


Sudden downpours need not spoil your sightseeing. Especially if you’re taking your Mediterranean Cruise in March, April, May, October or November! Instead of holding an umbrella in your hands, you will be holding a camera!


In Europe you will see many water fountains whose water is allegedly good for drinking… you will want to taste the water coming down the ancient Roman aqueduct but there will always be that little thought lingering in your head: is it really safe to drink?

#10. A MED KIT

You are an hour drive away from your cruise ship, climbing the Athens Acropolis Greece and the hot Greek sun gives you a headache. Or… you’re riding a hydrofoil boat to Capri and start feeling sea sick. What do you do? You reach into your med kit!


If not travelling on one of those luxurious cruise lines that hand out water bottles for free, you may prefer to save your water money for a cappuccino and refill your water bottles on public water fountains or sinks.

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