Kotor Bay Montenegro Sail-In

"Kotor Bay Montenegro cruising is one of the most breathtaking sail- ins in the world, offering vistas you would not expect in the Adriatic sea"

The morning of Kotor, Montenegro is the one to be up early, very early...before the sunrise!

First, grab your cruise-line's daily to double check the exact time of your ship's arrival in the port of Kotor. If it says 8am, than you should grab your tea or coffee and be on the top deck around 6:30 to get the best spot for taking photos of the Kotor Bay Montenegro.

What you will see on the morning of the sail-in will realy justify the name of the country you'll be visiting, Montenegro, or in its native language - The Black Mountain.

Your ship will be gliding down a narrow passage of the Adriatic sea, which seems to have bitten deep, deep into the high mountains. The sun rising slowly behind the mountains will leave them dark and untouched by light for a long time, reflecting into the water creating even more dark blue hues around the ship. Only the very tops of the mountains here and there glowing brightly.

Kotor Montenegro bay from Lovcen roadKotor bay from Lovcen road

It is one of the most breathtaking sail- ins in the world and it will be one of the highlights of the cruise as the landscapes are so different from the usual Mediterranean vistas that you got used to seeing during your cruise.

The banks of the narrow Kotor bay Montenegro that leads to the town of Kotor are so dramatic, no wonder they are often mistaken for a fjord and called the southern-most fjord. Although it looks like it, technically this isn't a fjord as it isn't made by the glacier activity but is actually the bed of a river that doesn't exist anymore.

Show your friends the photos when you come back from your vacation and ask them to locate this 'fjord-like' landscape on the map of the world. I'm pretty sure they'll ask you whether you have cruised Geiranger or even New Zealand.

If you would like to take a photo of Kotor bay like ours above, contact Mladen, our Kotor region tour guide and he'll take you to the exact spot!

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