Low cost transfers from
La Spezia to Pisa and Lucca

It's has become so easy to travel from La Spezia to Pisa, as well as both Pisa and Lucca in a day, starting July 2019! That month local tour operators introduced a new service - round trip budget bus transfers that combine the comfort and safety of a private tour with the affordable prices of exploring the ports of call by public transportation, on your own.

What makes it even more fantastic is the fact that these transfer services are completely cruiser-friendly, customised to the cruise ships' arrival/departure times in port. So no more, 'you might not get back to ship in time' threat!

Each season, just through our website, hundreds of cruisers book their seats on one of their low budget tours that you can read more about on our following pages:

And now you can do the same with:

...if your cruise ship docks in La Spezia.

If you have already been to Florence and want to spend your day exploring these two Tuscan jewels at a slower pace, this is such a great opportunity for you. Keep reading to find out how to go about getting there...

La Spezia to Pisa by bus

Not waking up too early, having enough time to go to gym, having breakfast and then leasurely walking off the cruise ship - that is your idea of an ideal cruise port day.

'Short and sweet' is your moto and the local tour providers have listened to you and set up a self guided tour from La Spezia to Pisa for a fraction of a price you would pay if booking one of the tours through your cruiseline.

Here's how your day will look like if you decide to go for it:

  • You will get off the cruise ship, take a free shuttle bus to the cruise port terminal building see the departure point right there (and tour staff wearing red t-shirts)
  • You will check in with their staff and show them your online reservation on your smartphone (need to book it ahead right here: La  Spezia to Pisa)
  • The cost is only cca. $44 p.p. 
  • The bus usually leaves at 9.30am but it can vary depending on the ship's arrival time
  • The trip takes 50-60 minutes after which you will be dropped off in Pisa 
  • The staff will give you all the necessary maps and info materials to enjoy your day in Pisa and inform you of the departure time (the stay usually takes three hours)

And voila! You will be ready to enjoy Pisa to the fullest while still saving some energy for a fulfilling afternoon back on the ship!

Ready to book your seat on the bus? Click on the link in text above or the banner below, before all the seats get taken. And trust me, they do.


La Spezia to Pisa and Lucca

If you have done a little bit of research of your options online, you will have seen that shore excursions to Pisa and Luca from La Spezia range anywhere from $167 p.p. for bigger groups up to $550 for two people driven around in a limo, accompanied with a private guide.

That is why, you can only imagine how happy we are to introduce you to the service that will cost you only $46 p.p. (or less) and leave hundreds of euros in your pockets to spend on a good meal or souvenirs.

If you don't insist on having a tour guide by your side all the time but would appreciate a local assistant on the way to your destination, giving you maps, tips on the best sights to see, shops and restaurants and taking care you didn't miss your transfer to the next stop, you will love this low cost transfer from La Spezia to Pisa and Lucca.


So here's  the exact itinerary of this self-guided shore excursion:

·         First you will take a free port shuttle from your ship to the cruise terminal building in La Spezia. This is where the tour operator representatives will be waiting for you, you will recognise them wearing red t-shirts

·         You will present your reservation confirmation that you can obtain by booking your seats ahead right here.

·         The bus will leave La Spezia at three different times during the day and head to Pisa first. It will reach Pisa in approximately 60 minutes and drop you off at the parking called Pietrasantina. From there you will walk for about 700 meters to the Miracle Square. You will have 2 hours to spend in Pisa (you can pick the option with climbing the tower of Pisa when booking).

·         At an agreed time your transfer coach leaves to Lucca and reaches this quaint little town in about 30 minutes. It will drop you off near the city walls, at Porta S. Maria. You will have 3 and a half hours to spend in Lucca.

·         The staff will inform you on the exact departure time from Lucca to La Spezia and you will reach the port in about 60 minutes (always guaranteed to arrive in time for your ship's departure).

It is recommended wearing smart, comfortable, seasonal clothing that is weather appropriate along with comfortable walking shoes. For those wishing to visit any churches, remember that shoulders must be covered. 


·         € 54 for grownups and children older than 9 

·         € 22,50 children (2-8 years, disabled passengers with ID card, crew),

·         free for infants 0-1 year

What's Included in the price:

·         Comfortable journey with GT coach and air condition

·         Free map and emergency number

·         Free wi-fi

·         Assistance on board and at the bus stop (Spanish and English), 24h emergency number

Please keep in mind that your cruise ship will most likely not be the only one in La Spezia on the day of your arrival. And there is only one coach available for the low budget service from La Spezia to Pisa and Lucca.

So if you want to avoid any dissapointments or having to take super-expensive taxies when you get off the gangway that morning, book now to secure your seats on this coach.

Keeping my fingers crossed you get the seats for your tour and happy cruising!

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