Map of Ancient Pompeii - Pompeii Ruins and Attractions Map

"The map of ancient Pompeii helps you plan the time you spend in this lost city..."

Mediterranean cruisers often want to combine visiting Pompeii with other destinations in the Bay of Naples on the day their cruise ship docks in Naples, Italy.

Which is understandable… the area is packed with both historical places as well as those that exude the famous La Dolce Vita of Italy.

But what does a map of ancient Pompeii have to do with planning a cruiser’s day in the Bay of Naples? Keep on reading…

Herculaneum is another town nearby buried under the Vesuvius volcano eruption, there is the city of Naples itself with its attractions and the National Archaeological Museum that keeps a lot of archaeological finds from Pompeii, then there is the isle of Capri Italy with its lush Mediterranean vegetation and high-end shopping, elegant Sorrento Italy, picturesque Amalfi and Positano

The choice is tough. That’s why, if you would like to incorporate one of these with your visit to Pompeii, you will need to be very strict about the time you spend when visiting Pompeii. And this is where looking at the map of ancient Pompeii before your visit comes in handy.

You could easily spend two or more full days seeing the Pompeii ruins. People often times just don’t have an idea of how big or small the lost city of Pompeii actually is.

Well, imagine a town of about 22,000 citizens back home. That’s how big it is… now, if you wanted to visit most of the homes, cafes, theatres, squares and spas of that city… how long would you need? Long, right?

The same for the ancient city Pompeii.

*To locate Pompeii attractions on the map, click the link immediately below it for a larger view with a legend*

View Map of Ancient Pompeii in a larger map

That’s why you need to take a look at Pompeii map and decide exactly what you’re interested in seeing… is it the Pompeii forum, Pompeii baths, Pompeii homes… and which ones exactly? There are many… with their Pompeii fresco paintings and Pompeii mosaics.

It is very easy to get carried away when visiting Pompeii, there’s something interesting round every corner… and time flies! That’s why if you’re not careful you might miss your public transportation to the next point of interest in the Bay of Naples.

So, look at the map of ancient Pompeii, read our Pompeii ruins articles, choose just enough of the attractions to fit into 2 hours of your stay in Pompeii and then you can plan the rest of your day in the Naples area.


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