What cruisers need to know about Mykonos weather and climate

"Mykonos weather and climate can really affect your day in Mykonos village, from docking/tendering conditions in Mykonos port to going to the beach!"

If you have heard all about dreamy Mykonos beaches and really look forward to spending part of your day on one, you will certainly be interested in Mykonos island weather during your Mediterranean cruise.

In short, Mykonos climate could be described like this: hot dry summer and mild winters.

Here’s the average annual temperatures for Mykonos:

Jan - 48°F / 9°C

Feb - 48°F / 9°C

Mar - 54°F / 12°C

Apr - 59°F / 15°C

May - 66°F / 19°C

Jun - 73°F / 23°C

Jul - 79°F / 26°C

Aug - 77°F / 25°C

Sep - 73°F / 23°C

Oct - 66°F / 19°C

Nov - 57°F / 14°C

Dec - 50°F / 10°C

Perfect! And on top of that rain is almost non-existent during the summer months, from April to October.

The island experiences over 300 days of sunshine a year, so if you want to work on your suntan, you won’t be let down. We have never experienced even a drop of rain in Mykonos.

Because of this, you will notice Mykonos vegetation is quite limited… the island actually looks pretty barren.

Mykonos Weather Specifics - The Wind

But there is one element than often affects the weather on the island and could affect your days there, even in summer… Mykonos Greece Island is famous for its wind, in summer it is the northern wind “Meltemi”.

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So, even before you get off the ship if docked at the new Mykonos port, in the gangway area of the ship, you might be surprised with really chilly and uncomfortable wind twirling your hair and giving you goose bumps.

You wanted to get off the ship in a little tank top and shorts? At that point you might see yourself turn around and go back to your stateroom to fetch some long sleeve top.

This wind is also the reason why many people prefer to go to the beaches on the south side of the island, although they are further from the cruise ship. You can see this on the Mykonos map.

Often times, this wind could even prevent your cruise ship from either docking or tendering into the village. Unfortunately, Mykonos is one of those ports that can get missed due to weather conditions, and there’s nothing much you can do about it. For the Captain of your ship safety of passengers comes first!

To find out an exact weather forecast before you head for your cruise vacation, check the 10 day MYKONOS WEATHER FORECAST


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