Venice Italy Shopping

Best buys and souvenirs to take home from your Venice Italy shopping spree are Murano glass, Venice masks, branded Italian shoes, clothes and fashion items...

Venice Italy shopping may not be the first thing on your mind when you think of visiting this magnificent city. 

It's a fact: with so much to offer when it comes to history, art and architecture it may be a bit challenging to find time to shop in Venice but don't make a mistake of not planning for it!

No matter how much you try, as you rush around sightseeing, your eyes will be naturally drawn to the impressive shop windows full of colorful goods: from touristy, low-end trinkets to high-end luxury goods. 

Murano glass shops on Murano islandBeautiful authentic Murano glass vases

In Venice you will find it all: the top international fashion, jewelry and watch brands but also, most importantly, authentic quality goods that you will find in no other Mediterranean port! 

When it comes to authentic gods worth splashing some money on, Venice is famous for the hand painted or silk/ velvet masks, elaborate but delicate Murano glass, Burano island laceFortuny style silk lampspaper confectionery etc. and they make the most unique gifts for yourself or your home.

If shopping for branded clothes, shoes and purses, head behind the Correr museum and soon you will find Louis Vouitton and Chanel shops. Turn first one left into Calle Vallareso for Bottega Veneta, Ermano Scervino,  Balenciaga, Missoni etc. Return back and follow Ste Moise street to find Gucci, Fendi, Prada etc.

For some of the best and most authentically made masquesdivine velvet slippers and purses go to Frezeria street, also behind the bottom wing of the Correr Museum in Piazza San Marco, and then to the right.

The best selection of Murano glass (and hopefully most authentic) can be found on the very island of Murano. There, you can pick between many factories that made their name in the past thanks to their innovative designs and superb quality. 

You will often see their names in the interior design magazines: Venini, Barovier and Tosso, Pauly, Salviati etc. You can also shop in the less known factories. Just be aware, the smaller the shop is and the more cheap knick-knacks (paperweights, small figurines, murina beads...) it displays in its windows, the bigger the chance that you are buying China made glass. Yes, the market is flooded with counterfeits even on the very island of Murano.

So, if you are going to invest into a good piece of real Murano, go with a famous factory name and remember, if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If your idea of shopping is getting some inexpensive souvenirs and gifts for friends and family back home, head to the shops and stalls of the Rialto bridge for the big selection and the convenience of having everything in the same spot. The prices are touristy, off course. Do not try to get the proof of the authenticity of things there, especially not for the Murano glass.

Rialto bridge shops in Venice© Jorge Royan /

Interested in flea markets? Occasionally, there is a flea market called Mercatino dei Miracoli near Campo Santa Maria Nuova in Canareggio. It offers old knick-knacks, jewelry, prints, tableware and glassware as well as books. The dates are quite infrequent so you better check them on this webpage here. It's in Italian but at least you can see the dates.

Also, if you are in Venice on the second Sunday and Monday in a month, walk to Rialto market, one of the oldest ones in Europe, and you will find a flea market (Mercato Della Pulci) there, too.

If you have very limited time in Venice and want to make sure you go straight to the best places for shopping check these tours suggestions and compare them with those offered onboard...

1. Venetian Craftsmen Workshop Tour

Focus: This tour takes you to exclusive Venetian Ateliers to see making of blown glass, glass beads, paper mache masks as well as purchase them.

Duration: 2 hours

Meeting Point: to be agreed on with the tour guide


2. Grand Canal Boat Private Tour: Murano and Burano

Focus: Private tour for up to 5 pax, perfect for families or romantic couples, private taxi boat, Grand Canal ride, Murano and Burano islands, shopping time

Duration: 4 hours

Meeting Point: The cruise terminal, the hotel or Central Venice (can be agreed on)


3. Venetian Velvets Tour

Focus: Short afternoon tour, for those interested in the Venetian, thousand-year old craft of weaving textiles. Shopping for vowen souvenirs. 

Duration: 45 minutes

Meeting Point: Santa Croce


4. Venice Glass Bead Tour

Focus: A small group, intimate walking tour through quiet, enchanted Venice. Visiting a small bead shop, learning about this old craft, shopping for refined objects...

Duration: 3 hours

Meeting Point: Central Venice 

5. Private Tour: Murano Glass Workshop

Focus: Visiting Murano Island glass factory, private taxi ride, observing the glass making, jewelry making workshop... 

Duration: 3 hours

Meeting Point: Central Venice 



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