Piraeus and Athens Greece Map
for Cruise Guests

"Piraeus and Athens Greece map helps you decide on how to get from Piraeus cruise terminal to Athens Acropolis and other highlights in this ancient city"

If you already got acquainted with different means of Athens transport for cruisers but still haven't decided on the best way to get from Piraeus cruise terminal to Athensyou will be happy to see our map of Piraeus port and Athens Greece Map.

On my Athens Greece map, I have marked all the most important points that will help you get around Piraeus on the way from the cruise port to the train station or find the stop for the express X80 tourist bus or public line bus no.40

In the past few years, since the express bus line X80 has been been introduced, this means of transportation has actually become the cheapest and one of the easiest ways of getting to the Acropolis and the Parthenon.

Not many people know about it so the last time I cruised to Athens, my husband and I were the only ones on the bus! 

If, for some reason you still want to use metro train to get into Athens, keep reading.

If you have searched for information on the distance of the cruise terminal from the train station on the internet, you must have come across many contradictory facts. The situation becomes even more complicated if you get on your Mediterranean ship and ask your favorite waiter for his “objective” opinion.

Contrary to what many people would like to believe, the Piraeus metro station is not only a 10-15 minute walk away from the cruise terminal. It’s more like 25-30 mins away. And in excruciating Athens heat, it seems even longer.

If you take a look at my Athens Greece map, you can follow the shorter blue line and get an idea of the distance.

Athens essentials:

Looking for some reliable, small-group shore excursions that would pick you up at Piraeus, get you skip-the-line tickets, take you to see the highlights of Athens, and bring you back to the ship? No problem: read about the Best Shared Athens Tours from Cruise Ship. 

We have shown the walking route from terminal A of the Piraeus cruise terminal. In case you’re unaware, there are two different terminals… terminal A and B, inside the Piraeus cruise port… make sure you read our article Port of Piraeus in which you will find out all about it and the transportation between the two terminals.

On our map of the Piraeus port area, we have also marked the points where you can find taxis in the cruise terminal area. They will be available in front of both terminals A and B.

Just keep in mind they typically won’t be willing to take you to the Piraeus train station only! So walking could end up being the only way of getting from the Piraeus cruise terminal to the metro train station.

If walking is just too much for you, and think of taking a taxi into Athens, you will be saving some time but paying a little more for that service.

Taxi drivers inside the Piraeus cruise terminal tend to put astronomical prices on their services and prefer to be your “guides” for the day, although they are not qualified nor speak good English.

So, if all you want is a one-way taxi ride into Athens Plaka or Athens Acropolis, you’ll be better off booking a reputable taxi service online. Here are my suggestions for a taxi transfer service from Piraeus to Athens that cruisers love to use:

Also, remember you have another option of getting from Piraeus to Athens and that is the hop-on-hop-off buses. Check the few that include Piraeus into their rounds: 





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