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"Discover about the most affordable public transportation travel option from the Port of Piraeus to Athens. Learn about travel times and bus fees to get to the heart of Greece's vibrant capital.

Which bus goes from Piraeus to Athens city center?

Acropolis4Athens Acropolis and Parthenon are the top reasons to head from Piraeus to Athens center

The most common public transport bus that goes from the port of Piraeus to Athens is Bus Line 040. This bus route connects the port area of Piraeus with the city center of Athens.

It is a regular commuter bus, so using it has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is that it operates more frequently than the X80 express bus. 

The disadvantages are that they are more crowded and the travel can be more time-consuming: namely, it stops many times along the way. Also, it doesn't drop you off right by the Acropolis as X80 does.

I thought you should know this straight away so you can decide if you want to continue reading about bus 040 or if you want to jump to reading about bus X80.

Where can I find the bus stops in Piraeus for Athens-bound 040 buses?

Athens essentials:

Looking for some reliable, small-group shore excursions that would pick you up at Piraeus, get you skip-the-line tickets, take you to see the highlights of Athens, and bring you back to the ship? No problem: read about the Best Shared Athens Tours from Cruise Ship. 

Your ship could dock at three different locations inside the Piraeus cruise port: Terminal A, B, or C.

Each one of those docs is closer or more distant from the main terminal building and the port exit. It is on the main road, at the waterfront of Piraeus where buses operate.

Luckily, there are free shuttle buses inside the cruise port that will take you from Terminal B or C to Terminal A exit. Read more in my article Piraeus Cruise Port.

Once you exit to the main street of Piraeus, you will see the bus stop just across the street, some 100 m ahead. 

Piraeus040BusStopBus 040 stop is on the opposite side of the road from X80 and the hop-on hop-off busses

Where can I buy the bus ticket from Piraeus to Acropolis? What is the ticket fee?

You will see a silver metallic ticket booth as you're exiting from the port area out into the main street.

The fee is 1,40 euros per person, and it is valid for 90 minutes on all means of transportation (that wouldn't include special lines that go to the airport).

What is the bus route from Piraeus to Syntagma Square?

The route typically starts from the Piraeus Port area and travels to the city center of Athens, passing through various neighborhoods and major landmarks along the way.

The bus makes multiple stops during its journey, and some of the notable stops include Syntagma Square, Monastiraki Square, and Omonia Square. These are central locations in Athens, making the bus convenient for tourists and commuters alike.

You can see the exact route on the map here.

Below that map, you can see the schedules of the bus. It goes roughly every 15 minutes.

To get to the Acropolis, you would get off in Syntagma Square (Fillelion Street), descend to the Metro station in Syntagma, and hop on a red line to Acropolis (one stop).

How long is the ride from the port of Piraeus to Athens center? It is about 50 minutes long. 

PirauesMainStreetLocal bus stops on the waterfront of Piraeus are not too far from the ship - if docked at the Terminal A

Where to catch bus line 040 on my way back from Athens to Piraeus?

For cruisers and tourists, the easiest point to catch the bus back would be in Syntagma square. You can see the stop (red mark) on the map (purple line is for bus 040).

As you can see, the stop is at Fillelinon street, in front of the fur store called Emzo Furs. 

What are the alternatives to buses for getting from Piraeus to Athens?

Apart from using the local bus 040, there are several alternative transportation options available for getting from the Port of Piraeus to the Athens city center. 

Here are some popular alternatives:

  1. Express Bus X80 - as I have mentioned in the introduction,      this bus is quicker as it doesn't have that many stops along the way. It caters to tourists specifically.
  2. Metro: Athens has an efficient metro system that connects Piraeus with the city center. Line 1 (Green Line) of the Athens Metro runs from Piraeus to Athens and serves various key stations. The disadvantage of taking a metro is that it is quite a walk to get from Terminal A to the Metro station: it takes about 20 minutes. If you decide to do this and wonder how to reach the Acropolis by metro train, read my article Piraeus to Athens train
  3. Taxis: Taxis are widely available at the Piraeus Port, but the problem is you won't easily find one to just take you to the Acropolis or Syntagma Square. These guys waiting at the terminal want to sign you up for the whole-day tour. To get a taxi from point A to point B you would have to walk quite a distance from the terminal. But you can always arrange a private taxi transfer ahead, so keep reading!

     4. Private Transfers:

 Many tour operators and private transfer companies offer pre-arranged taxi transportation services from Piraeus to Athens.            These services often include a driver who meets you at the port and takes you directly to your destination in Athens. It's like taking a taxi but you don't have to haggle about the price. It's super convenient! Here's the service our readers love to book: 

   5. Shore excursions (private or shared): if you really can't be bothered with schedules, trying to communicate with people in a non-English speaking country, and trying to find your way in a city of over 3 million people, shore excursions are the best option for getting from the port of Piraeus to the Acropolis and other Athens sights!

Here's the best ones I found for you (departing from the port of Piraeus): 

6. Hop-on-hop-off busesTaking a hop-on-hop-off bus from Piraeus to Athens can offer several advantages, making it a convenient and popular choice for many travelers. Here are the three companies that offer their services from the port of Piraeus:

HopOnStopHop-on hop-off bus stops are on the main street of Piraeus, in front of the Terminal A

Whatever means of transportation you choose, have a great day in Athens!

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