Mykonos map for cruisers

"Mykonos map will help you plan your transportation from the Mykonos port, to the beach and seeing the attractions in the Mykonos village..."

How do we get from our Mediterranean cruise ship in Mykonos port to the Hora Mykonos village? Where do we find taxis to take us to our favorite Mykonos beach? Where do we catch a local bus that goes to Mykonos beaches? How do we find Mykonos attractions? Where do we get dropped off after our Delos tour?

These are just some of the questions that will be easier to answer when looking at the map we provided.

How can Mykonos map help you with getting into town?

One of the first concerns that cruisers have when visiting the isle of Mykonos, Greece is transportation from the cruise dock to the town of Hora, which is where you want to go first.

If you look at the map, you will see the new Mykonos port of Tourlos is located about a mile out of the town. So you surely don’t want to waste your time and walk. You can read about the best ways of getting from the cruise dock to the village in our article Getting to Mykonos village.

As finding a taxi at the Mykonos port is equal to a miracle, you will most probably take a cruise line organized shuttle. To see the exact point where you will be dropped off in the village and what its distance is to the taxi square, local bus to the beaches or Mykonos attractions, look at the map.

mykonos island photo

Mykonos map helps you getting around the island

Once downtown, you will either stay to shop, dine and stroll around the charming, labyrinth-like village of Hora, visit the Mykonos attractions we have marked on the map or… go to your favorite Mykonos beach. In that case you will need to know where to find a taxi or the local bus. You can find both of them marked on our map.

If you are one of the cruise guests who decided to take a tour to Delos on that day, you will be wondering… where do we get dropped off after our tour? If you take a look at the map, you will see it is not back by the ship but at one of the piers on the waterfront of Hora, just steps away from the cafes, shops and restaurants.

For you, it will be important to know where the cruise line shuttle bus drop off/pick up point is too, so you know how to return to the ship.

If you are on one of the ships that anchor in the port, on our Google map of Mykonos you can find the spot where your tender boats will drop you off.

*To locate all the  points of interest on the map, click the link immediately below it for a larger view with a legend*

View Complete Mykonos Map in a larger map

And at last, we couldn’t resist marking the favorite hangouts of one of the most famous Mykonos attractions, the pelicans, on our Mykonos map too. Hope you get to see them!




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