Venice Transport - Getting from Marco Polo Airport to Your Hotel

"The most hassle-free Venice transport when it comes to getting from Venice airport to your Venice hotels or vice versa is booking your boat transport ahead."

Piazzale Roma VenicePiazzale Roma seen from Calatrava bridge which takes you to the train station

If visiting Venice city for a few days before or after your cruise you're probably wondering how to go about your Venice transport and how to get from Marco Polo airport to your Venice Italy hotels in central Venice and vice versa.

Keep in mind that getting to your hotel involves two steps:

  1. Getting from Marco Polo airport to Piazzale Roma square (the last point in Venice that can be reached with by land vehicle: buses, taxis, cars).
  2. The next step is getting from Piazzale Roma to your hotel (which can be just anywhere in Venice). In this step, only water boats will be of help: vaporettos (water buses) and water taxis.

Not sure where to stay in Venice? Check the map of hotels close to Piazzale Roma:

Venice transport options from Marco Polo airport to Piazzale Roma: land bus, taxi, or private transfer?

  • To get from Marco Polo Airport in Venice to Piazzale Roma, you can use the ACTV buses. ACTV (Azienda del Consorzio Trasporti Veneziano) is the public transportation company in Venice. The most common bus line to take is the ACTV bus line 5 or 35, which runs frequently between the airport and Piazzale Roma. The fee is €10 per person and the ride is about 25 minutes long. The only downside is you can not leave your luggage in the luggage department as this is just a regular public bus line.
  • A much better option is a bus that caters to tourists more is the express ATVO bus with large luggage department. The fee is €10. Thousands of travellers have used it so far and gave it a 5***** review. Click below to find out more...
  • You can always get a land taxi from Marco Polo to Piazzale Roma, the cost is €65-€70 per taxi. Taxi fares in Venice are regulated and can vary based on factors like the time of day, the number of passengers, and the amount of luggage. The ride takes approximately 20-25 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.
  • Private transfer from the airport to Piazzale Roma - if you prefer a more personalised service and don't like standing in line for taxis check one of these services offered below (if you have a group of 8 it's €35 per person):

Venice transport: How to get from Piazzale Roma to my hotel?

If you have booked a hotel in the Piazzale Roma area (and there are many there) - it's easy! You can simply walk. The only obstacles will be a lot of tourist around you and the bridges with steps.

If you booked hotel further inside the historic center of Venice city, somewhere that can be reached by one of the smaller canals, use either the:

Bonus tip: why not go straight from Marco Polo airport to your hotel? (skip the Piazzale Roma part)

If your hotel is located Piazza San Marco area or along the Grand Canal- in that case you can:

  • use the Alilaguna vaporetto (shared public waterbus) that connects Marco Polo airport straight with Piazza San Marco (you can catch either Blue, Orange or Red line, they will all end up in St. Mark's square).
  • Click below to find out more about this great connection:
  • If you prefer a more personalised service, you can use the private water taxi transfer (min.2 pax and max 12 pax) that will drop you off at numerous points down the Grand Canal. Click the link below to see this fantastic service that thousands of travellers have used so far and couldn't believe how easy it was!

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