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 Step-by-step plan on how to get from Barcelona cruise port to Barcelona El Prat airport.

I's sad when a cruise is over and you have to make your way back home.

But think of all the exciting stories to share with your friends and family, maybe the thought will inspire you to plan on how to get from Barcelona cruise port to Barcelona international airport.

BarcelonaSagradaRushing to the airport after your cruise? If not, take some time to see Barcelona.

What is the distance from cruise port to Barcelona El Prat airport?

How far is it from the cruise port to Barcelona airport? The distance from Barcelona cruise port (Port de Barcelona) to El Prat Airport (Barcelona-El Prat Airport) is approximately 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) by road.

How long does it take? The actual travel time may vary depending on traffic conditions and the route taken. It typically takes around 20-30 minutes to travel between the two locations by car or taxi.

There are also other transportation options available such as the metro, bus, or shuttle services which may take longer or shorter depending on the time of day and traffic - which we will discuss later.

How to get from cruise port to Barcelona El Prat airport?

Before you start making any plans of getting to the airport, you need to know:

  • which part of Barcelona port your cruise ship will be docking at. The Port of Barcelona (Port de Barcelona) has several terminals for cruise ships, depending on the size and schedule of the ships. 

The most commonly used terminals for cruise ships are Terminals A, B, C, and D, which are located in the Adossat Wharf (Moll Adossat) area of the port.

This area is situated to the south-west of the city center, near the World Trade Center and the Maremagnum shopping center.

The exact terminal used by a particular cruise ship can vary depending on a number of factors such as the size of the ship and the availability of the terminal at the time of arrival.

You can usually find out which terminal your ship will be docking at by checking with your cruise line or consulting the Port of Barcelona website. You can see the map of Barcelona port here. 

  • Then, you also need to know which terminal of Barcelona El Prat airport your flight will be leaving from. Namely, there are two different terminals which are 4 km apart and you can learn all about them in our article Barcelona international airport.
  • And lastly, you will need to know the time of the ship's arrival in port on the morning you disembark, especially if you are arranging a pickup with a private company. If you are using public transport, you can synchronize the time of your disembarking with the operating hours of public transportation.

Now that you know exactly 'where from' and 'where to' and 'when', can we talk of the different means of transportation:

1)    The easiest one, the most convenient and comfortable one is booking your private shuttle transfer online with one of the reputable companies. I think they can give you the most personalized service and you won't even have to pay through your nose for it. It's my job to save you time and money in cruise ports, so I have found these best value for money shuttle services for you:

Taking a taxi from cruise port to Barcelona El Prat airport

Taxis are readily available at the port and can be found at taxi ranks located near the cruise terminals. The journey from the port to Barcelona-El Prat Airport typically takes around 20-30 minutes by taxi, depending on traffic conditions.

You can expect to pay a fixed fare for the trip, which will be posted at the taxi rank or displayed on the taxi meter.

The fare can vary depending on factors such as the time of day, the number of passengers, and the amount of luggage.

As of 2023, the approximate taxi fare from the port to the airport is around 39 euros, which means booking transportation with one of the private shuttle services actually comes more affordable.

Taking cruise line ground transfer packages to Barcelona airport

Your cruiseline will offer you to purchase the ground transfer package with one of their buses. It's a good option for those who don't mind the high price and don't want to waste another minute on planning some other ways of getting to Barcelona El Prat airport.

Please check the exact price of this type of transfer with your cruise line.

The above mentioned types of Barcelona transportation will pick you up right in front of the cruise terminal so you don't need to use any other kind of public transportation.

And I highly recommend them if you are going straight from the cruise terminal to the airport.

And just to mention, there is no public transportation that would take you straight from the cruise port to the airport.

There is however public/private companies transportation that is convenient for those that are staying in Barcelona for a night or so after their cruise and then want to reach Barcelona El Prat airport from the centre of Barcelona.

Public transportation from Barcelona centre to El Prat airport

If you are lucky enough to spend a day or two in Barcelona before catching your flight home, you can use some means of public transportation to the airport.

Those would be:

1)    Aerobus that leaves from Placa Catalunya, which is the very center of the city, read more about it on our page: Coach Transfers Barcelona.

2)    The train/ Renfre train which is technically one of the most affordable ways of getting from the city centre to the airport.

You just need to take into count the cost of getting to the train station as well, unless you are going to walk from the hotel to it...which I highly doubt. 

3)    The same with Bus line 46 which is officially the cheapest way of getting to the airport. You can read more about it in our article Coach transfers Barcelona.                                     

How to get from the cruise port to Barcelona centre after your cruise?

If you are staying in the city for a couple of hours before you head to Barcelona El Prat airport, the blue port bus from cruise terminals A,B,C,D at Quai Adossat (the port most distanced from the city) will drop you off at the very bottom of Las Ramblas where from you'll have to walk. But you can also consider taking a private transfer, which is hassle free.

If your flight is not before later on in the day, you should definitely consider one of the tours of this wonderful, colourful lively city. It would be such a shame to leave without seeing Gaudi or having some wine and tapas. Check these highly rated tours:

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