Coach Transfers Barcelona - from the Airport to the City Centre

Two most used coach transfers Barcelona are the Aerobus express bus and Line 46 public transport bus

What are Aerobus Coach transfers Barcelona?

The most famous transfer in Barcelona that gets you from Barcelona international airport to the centre of Barcelona is the so-called Aerobus - the first one of the coach transfers Barcelona. It is quite a conventient, fast and economic way of getting to Barcelona.

coach transfers barcelona, aerobus coach barcelona, shared transfers barcelona, barcelona airport to the cityAerobus - one of the most affordable ways of getting to Barcelona city centre, but not the cruise port

It is especially useful if you are staying in a hotel before you join the ship at the Barcelona cruise port, and your hotel is located somewhere near the Placa Catalunia or Las Ramblas Barcelona Spain.

If you are going straight to the ship, I suggest you look into taking:

  • a Barcelona taxi
  • one of the affordable and convenient Viator Barcelona airport transfers
  • or pre-book one of the cruise line organized transfers from and to Barcelona airport (which can be very pricey per person)

Where to get Aerobus coach transfers Barcelona? - Arrival

'How to find Aerobus at Barcelona airport?' - you must be wondering!

The Aerobus leaves from both T1 and T2 terminals of Barcelona El Prat airport.

The one that leaves from T1 has the A1 sign and the one that leaves from T2 has the A2 sign.

You will find stops just outside the both T1 and T2 terminals. Just look for the light and dark blue bus with 'Aerobus' written on it in big letters.

Here's more detailed instructions:

  1. Terminal 1 (T1): If you are arriving at Terminal 1, after collecting your luggage and passing through customs, proceed to the ground transportation area. Follow the signs indicating "Aerobus" or "Bus" within the terminal. Exit the terminal building, and you will find the Aerobus stops directly outside the arrivals area. Look for the designated Aerobus bus stops or signs indicating "A1" for the city center route.
  2. Terminal 2 (T2): If you are arriving at Terminal 2, there are separate bus stops for the Aerobus depending on the route: A1 Route: After exiting the arrivals area, follow the signs to the shuttle bus stop, which is located near Terminal 2B. Look for the designated bus stop for the A1 route, clearly marked as "Aerobus A1" or "Airport Shuttle A1."
  • A2 Route: After exiting the arrivals area, follow the signs to the shuttle bus stop, which is located near Terminal 2C. Look for the designated bus stop for the A2 route, clearly marked as "Aerobus A2" or "Airport Shuttle A2."

What is the Aerobus route?

The Aerobus operates two routes: A1 and A2.

  • A1 Route: This route connects Barcelona Airport (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) with the city center, stopping at strategic locations such as Plaça Catalunya, Sepúlveda-Urgell, and Plaça Espanya. The A1 route is primarily used for flights operating from Terminal 1.
  • A2 Route: This route connects Barcelona Airport (Terminal 2) with the city center, with stops including Plaça Catalunya, Gran Via-Urgell, and Plaça Espanya. The A2 route is primarily used for flights operating from Terminal 2.

Where can I buy Aerobus tickets?

The tickets can be purchased from the Aerobus staff at the airport terminal bus station or with the driver for cash.

They can also be purchased at the automatic sales machines with a credit card. But the easiest, quickest and most sress-free way is to purchase them ahead, online. For this convenience you do pay a little charge extra, so the decision is up to you. Here's your link to prebuy the tickets and have a hassle free arrival to Barcelona...(click on the photo below)

How much is the Aerobus ticket?

How much does Aerobus coach transfers Barcelona cost?

The single fare is 5,90 euros (2023) and covers the cost of a one-way ride for one person and all the luggage. It is valid for one hour after purchase.

For a return ticket you will pay 10,20 euros, it is valid for one hour for departure and for 9 days for the return. You should keep the ticket to exchange it for the return trip ticket.

All children under 4 ride for free.

What is Barcelona Aerobus schedule?

The Aerobus coach transfers in Barcelona leave practically every five minutes and the ride is about 35 minutes long.

What is really good about these buses is that there is plenty of room for luggage, which isn't the case with Bus line 46 coach transfers Barcelona.

The buses are also adapted for people with mobility problems.

Can you use coach transfers Barcelona to get to the cruise port?

Now, as I have mentioned above, using Aerobus might be handy for some of you who are staying in hotels nearby but if trying to go straight to the cruise terminal, especially if your ship is located at the further Quai Adossat Terminals, you would either:

1)      Take a Barcelona taxi from Placa Catalunya straight to the cruise terminal. This is going to cost you around 15 euros, so depending on how many of you there are in the party, with the cost of the Aerobus, you won't profit much. It is way less hassle to take a taxi or a private shuttle straight from the Barcelona international airport to the Barcelona cruise terminal.

2)      Take a taxi from Placa Catalunya to the beginnning of the cruise port, near the Cristopher Columbus monument and from there take the blue port bus.

3)      Take a taxi from Placa Catalunya to the pier of the World Trade Center where from some of the cruise lines will run their free port shuttle buses.

So, to conclude, although Aerobus coach transfers Barcelona is one of the transport options, it is only most convenient if you are staying in central Barcelona hotels.

If embarking the cruise ship on the same day you arrive in Barcelona, I suggest you rather take one of the direct transport options to the cruise port.

What are other coach transfers in Barcelona?

Line46Line 46 is part of public transport in Barcelona

Now, searching for information around the web you might have also come across the mention of the Bus Line 46 from the Barcelona International Airport to the city centre.

Line 46 in Barcelona refers to a bus line operated by the Barcelona Metropolitan Transport Authority (TMB)

Yes, it is one of the options when getting from El Prat to the city center. And it is probably the cheapest one. For only 1,45 euros one way this bus line will take you to Placa Espanya in Barcelona.

This bus line belongs to the city transportation system and it leaves every 20-25 minutes.

While the price definitely sounds like fantastic deal, if deciding to go with this one of the coach transfers Barcelona, you should think of the following:

  • There are no specific luggage compartments on these buses like there are on Aerobuses, so as a cruise passenger you simply won't have anywhere to put your suitcases.
  • The bus drops you off at Placa Espanya and from there you will still need to take a taxi to the cruise port.

If for some reason you need a night connection between the Barcelona city centre and the airport, there is also the N7 Night Bus Line leaving every 10-20 minutes.

So although these transportation options may be suitable for regular tourists, if you are going straight to the cruise ship, I suggest you look into taking some other means of transport:


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