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How far is Barcelona International Airport from the city and cruise port?

The fact that Barcelona airport is positioned really close to the city and Barcelona cruise port makes many a Mediterranean cruiser happy.

Those 18 km of distance can be travelled in 20 to 30 minutes (depending on traffic).

You can find out all about getting to the airport from the cruise port on our page Barcelona El Prat Airport.

If you are flying into Barcelona to join the cruise ship read about the options of getting to the cruise port Barcelona Spain airport.

With 35 million passengers that passed through it in 2012 Barcelona airport is the main airport of Catalonia, the second largest airport in Spain and the 32nd busiest in the world.

It also isn't as intimidatingly spread out as airports in other European cities which almost cover the area of a smaller town.

The Structure of Barcelona International Airport

There are two main terminals - T1 and T2 which are four kilometers apart but are connected with a free Barcelona airport shuttle.

T2 or Terminal 2 was the main building  before 2009 but now it operates mostly the low cost and regional carriers. It has sub-terminals A,B and C.

T1 or Terminal 1 is the new terminal, expanded in 2009 as a result of more passengers, it has 101 gates and operates 70% of flights.

To find out which terminal you need to go to to catch your flight visit Barcelona airport airlines.

There are also some plans to build and additional T1 space called T1S (Terminal Satellite) which would increase the passenger traffic.

The projected increase of 15 million passengers more each year would position the Barcelona airport as one of the top five busiest airports of the world in passenger traffic.

As with all the other bigger airports in the world, at Barcelona International Airport you will have a chance to enjoy restaurants, cafeterias as well as some last minute duty-free shopping.

And I don't know if it was my lucky day but at the last minute check-in a nice lady turned a blind eye to a few kilos extra I had in my luggage.

I'm not saying it will happen to you, too, but it definitely keeps Barcelona  airport in my good books.

How to get from Barcelona International Airport to the city centre or your hotel?

There are several ways to get from Barcelona Airport to your hotel, depending on your budget, preferences, and location. Here are some of the best ways:

  1. Taxi: Taking a taxi is a convenient and comfortable way to get from Barcelona Airport to your hotel, especially if you have heavy luggage. The taxi rank is located outside each terminal, and the journey time is around 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic. Taxis charge a fixed rate of €35 for journeys to or from the airport to the city center (Zone 1).
  2. Airport Shuttle: The Aerobus is a direct shuttle service that runs between Barcelona Airport and the city center, stopping at Plaça Catalunya and other major landmarks. The buses run every 5-10 minutes, and the journey time is around 35-40 minutes. A one-way ticket costs €5.90, and a return ticket costs €10.20. The only problem is, your would need to walk or take a taxi from its drop off point. That is why it may not be suitable for everyone.
  3. Public Transport: The cheapest way to get from Barcelona Airport to your hotel is by using public transport, such as the metro or bus. The airport has two metro stations, and Line 9 takes you to the city center in around 30 minutes. A single ticket costs €4.60, but it's more cost-effective to buy a T10 travel card, which gives you 10 journeys for €10.20. Use public transport if your hotel is somewhere close to one of the metro stations.
  4. Private Transfer: If you prefer a more luxurious and personalized transfer service, you can book a private transfer from Barcelona Airport to your hotel. Private transfers are available in a range of vehicles, from standard cars to luxury limousines, and prices vary depending on the type of vehicle and distance.

It is my job to find the ones that have the best price/customer service for you and here's what I dug up:

If you are staying in Barcelona hotels before you embark your cruise ship, make the most of your time in this wonderful, colourful, artistic, vibrant and cosmopolitan city. One of the best ways to do it is by taking one of the local tours, check these ones out:

How to get from Barcelona International Airport to the cruise port?

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