Cruise Packing: From Air travel accessories to Mediterranean Shore Excursions

"Cruise packing: cruise travel accessories you will need starting from the airport to your hotel, from shore excursions to the beach!"

When you are packing for a land vacation, naturally you try to take everything you need with you. However, even if you do forget something, at your destination there’s always somewhere you can get the things you’re missing.

When you’re cruise packing, things are a bit different… you will be restricted to airport shops and onboard boutiques with very limited items on offer. And in Mediterranean ports-of-call… trying to find a general store can be quite an adventure and a big waste time.

When you think of cruise packing for a European cruise, you automatically think of your stay onboard the ship only.

But there are actually many phases to your travel before you even get to the cruise ship itself… first, you will be spending some time at the airports and onboard long flights.

That’s why we have put together a list of 15 Top Air Travel Accessories that are easy to oversee but you’ll be glad we reminded you of getting.

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Next up, it’s very possible you will be staying in the embarkation port hotel for a night or two before your cruise. Just like staying in a cruise ship cabin, there are always accessories for travel that will make your stay more comfortable and make you feel at home, find them all in our article Cruise Travel Accessories: Onboard the Mediterranean Cruise Ship and in the Hotel.

Apart from the comfortable, clean and air-conditioned cruise ship you will be staying on, you will also spend a great deal of time outside, in the ports-of-call and on Mediterranean cruise excursions buses.

You will be climbing the Athens Acropolis Greece, hiking up Vesuvius, riding a Capri ferry and hydrofoil, roaming the streets of Pompeii, do Dubrovnik sightseeing and wall walking, sightseeing Florence Italy sights, soaking up the sun on a Mykonos beach… after all, that is why you chose the Mediterranean cruise ports-of-call right?

In most European ports-of-call, your points of interest will be quite far from your cruise ship, so it’s also good to know your Shore Excursions Cruise Travel Accessories ahead of time and make sure you have them on hand!


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