Athens Greece Cruise

"Athens Greece cruise - cruise visitors tips for planning your transportation and how to maximize your time in Athens"


PORT OF PIRAEUS - A must read for every cruiser wishing to get from Piraeus to Athens by any other means of transportation but cruise line organized tours!

ATHENS TRANSPORT FOR CRUISERS - Taking a train? Athens taxi? Private tour? Knowing a little bit about Athens transport will be crucial if you want your day to go smoothly.

GETTING TO ATHENS BY TRAIN- How to get from the Port of Piraeus to Athens using the metro train; step-by-step instructions how to walk from the cruise terminal to Piraeus metro station.

ATHENS GREECE MAP - This map of Piraeus cruise terminal area will help you get around the port area and find your way to the Piraeus metro station!

ATHENS ACROPOLIS - Acropolis Greece is where some of the famous myths took place, earliest cults started, democracy developed...

TIPS FOR VISITING ATHENS ACROPOLIS GREECE - Plan your transportation, what to wear, entrance fees, opening hours...

ATHENS PARTHENON - Rightfully considered the greatest monument of Ancient Greek architecture, seeing the Parthenon is the highlight of every cruiser’s visit to the Athens Acropolis.

ATHENS WEATHER - Know Athens weather and what to pack before you head to visit Athens Acropolis and Plaka!

ATHENS GREECE HISTORY - Ancient Athens Greece history in 10 easy steps: from prehistoric times, building of the Athens Acropolis to early Middle ages.

ATHENA GODDESS - THE PATRON OF ATHENS - Knowing the myth of Athena Goddess makes for a nice story to share with your party at the dining room table the night before your visit to Athens, Greece.

Every Athens Greece cruise always sets off a very special atmosphere on board every Mediterranean cruise ship… it spurs both the joy of life and a great air of expectation and respect before visiting one of the birthplaces of Western Civilization!

The joy of life it awakens in everyone always results in those goofy toga parties, buzuki bands playing in the central atrium of the ship, and cruisers going crazy whenever they hear that Zorba the Greek song!

The expectation and respect for one of the most important historical places on the face of the earth are always apparent in the number of onboard lectures given on Athens Greece history and culture, attended by hordes of cruisers.

An Athens Greece cruise is always better enjoyed if you learn about the port ahead of time and all the options you have, especially when it comes to Athens transport and getting around.

Athens, named after Athena goddess of wisdom, is a big bustling city and not exactly what you would call ‘user friendly’, so planning your Athens transport is crucial if you want to spend your day headache-free.

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To some of you it might be news that in the Athens Port, or the Port of Piraeus, you can’t exactly just walk off the ship and reach the Athens Greece attractions. You will need some kind of transportation to get where you want to, and it takes a little bit of planning! It’s just one of those things you need to be ready for when headed on an Athens Greece Cruise.

We understand some of you might feel most comfortable booking one of the cruise line organized tours but it’s good to know there are other options too, which can leave you with more money in your pocket to spend on some Shopping in Athens.

In our articles you will find step-by-step instructions on how to walk from the Piraeus cruise terminal to Piraeus metro station, how to use Athens taxis etc. Our customized Google Athens Greece Map of Piraeus will help you with that, too!


Population: 5 million

Altitude: 91m / 300ft

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Language: Greek

Time Zone: Eastern European Time (EET) (UTC+2)

Age: 3,400 years.

Land area: 39 km2 (15 sq mi)

Climate: Mediterranean

Naturally, the Athens Acropolis and Athens Parthenon are always at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to Athens Greece attractions but don’t forget it’s not the only one!

There are many things to do in Athens apart from getting on a tour bus, seeing the Acropolis, taking a few Athens photos to show back home and heading back to the ship.

We know Athens weather can be quite exhausting, especially in July/August… the excruciating heat when climbing towards the Athens Parthenon can really drain you, but try to resist the urge to call it a day and be sure to also head to Athens Plaka after that!

It would be a real shame to limit yourself to seeing just the ancient ruins of Athens while there is also the everyday bustling Athenian life waiting for you to experience in the Plaka area of Athens! That is where you will also be able to do your local souvenir shopping, try some local cuisine, have a shot of ouzo and experience the real spirit of this fascinating city!


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