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Athens Acropolis

"Unforgettable experiences - that's what a Mediterranean cruise is all about..."

Whether you're
the Greek Mediterranean islands, following the routes of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World or simply looking forward to tasting some wine in Italy, a Mediterranean cruise will leave you gasping for more!

Having been lecturers onboard cruise ships that specialize in European cruises for many years, we have noticed a few interesting things:

  • there has never been as many luxury cruise ships that cruise Mediterranean sea
  • there has never been as many large cruise ships offering the cruise holiday in the Mediterranean
  • more and more famous cruise lines choose to leave many of their Mediterranean cruise ship cruising Europe all year long, even during winter!
  • cruises to Europe have the most mixed clientele in the world: whether it’s from United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Brasil or Japan, people don’t spare money or time to fly in to enjoy a European cruise!
  • "Thanks for the great website! (...) It felt like someone handed me a lovely wrapped gift filled with all I need for my upcoming cruise! (...) I will make sure to have a toast on you after every successful day out!"

    Elna Pietersee - South Africa

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    But Europe cruise afficionados, beware!

    Immersing yourself in European culture, philosophy, religion, art,
    literature, architecture or cuisine often causes some side effects:

  • filling up with joie de vivre to the point of bursting with happiness
  • sudden flushes of creativity where we inexplicably find ourselves with a sketching pad in our hand
  • deep depression when you find out you cannot take your newly discovered favourite Italian pizza chef home with you
  • instant inspiration to write poetry
  • or simply disbelief:
  • Am I really walking the same stones that Caesar's feet walked? Am I really looking at the frescoes Michelangelo created with his own hands? Am I really standing at the birthplace of the Ancient Olympics?

    Can you handle it?

    Of course you can!

    "Thanks to Ralph and Martina and their wonderfully informative website, I have learned lots of useful tips about Venice, and Dubrovnik (three of our ports of call). The "voice" of Mediterranean Cruise Ports Easy is that of a friendly travel agent! It makes the information easy to remember."

    Janet - USA

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    However, we have to be honest, after giving onboard lectures on European cruise ports for many years we were shocked to see how many Mediterranean cruisers come to their luxury Europe cruise completely unprepared!

    Watching them get off the gangway with a big question mark above their head and thinking: “Ok, what now?” was to say the least-painful!

    Have you ever been one of them?

    A big percentage of people who take Mediterranean cruise holidays risk diminishing their European cruise experience and spending too much money due to:

  • not knowing where to look for Mediterranean cruise tips
  • fear of unknown cultures and languages
  • unclear picture of what to expect from many of the Mediterranean cruise ports
  • discomfort when using local transportation
  • being susceptible to local tourist traps
  • Rome

    Believe it or not but we have even met people who let fears like this stop them from seeing such an important Europe sight to see as the Athens Acropolis!

    Now that you have found Mediterranean Cruise Ports Easy, this could never happen to you!

    "Thanks folks, very helpful! Best website there is for detailed and realistic tips."

    Dave, England

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    Our mission is to empower you with knowledge!

    We have been privileged to visit many European cruise ports time after time.

    Whether we wanted it or not, we became extremely skilled in getting around these Mediterranean ports.

    We decided to share all our valuable knowledge with you so now you can look like you’ve been there hundreds of times before!

    Whether you are just about to go on your next Europe cruise or just dreaming about your future cruises, in our cruising articles you'll find tips and information on...

  • when to use local Europe port transportation
  • when to simply walk downtown and save money
  • getting around ports of call
  • what to do in cruise travel destinations with the limited time you have
  • how to plan your day in favorite cruise destinations to maximize it
  • why visit certain ports of call
  • what to pack with you
  • how to take home that perfect gift from each popular Europe cruise destination
  • "Your tips for navigating to and from port areas where the ships docked to get to the heart of the destination are spot on. This kind of detail gave us loads of extra time in each destination."

    Sandra Cottam, Australia

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    We know that what you need is some meat about these cruise ports, not other cruisers' stories of how sweet their Head waiter Jose was (whom you'll never meet anyway) or how the rain spoilt their day in Florence(you might have a perfectly sunny day)!

    Athens Acropolis

    You need objective information that will allow you to create your own days in the ports, and that's what you're going to get here!

    On top of that, we love to tell you how to save money by giving you the most economic solutions for transportation.

    We actually believe that by using our tips in the ports of call you can easily save enough money to book another little weekend cruise vacation when you get back home!

    "I just want to say thank you so much for sharing your travel tips. My family loves to cruise and we always want to explore ports on our own. I am so excited to find out your web site. It's full of extremely valuable information."

    Annie Pat, Canada

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    So read our Mediterranean cruise articles carefully before embarking on your Mediterranean cruise.

    You can use them to sound like a real Mediterranean cruise guru at the cruise ship dining room table, but also try to implement the tips we give you.

    We're always really curious how it works out for you, so make sure you get back to us!

    And keep in mind this web site is a big work in progress, it will take at least another year to build it up to its maximum potential so don’t forget to bookmark it and always keep checking back for new content!p

    Now put on your most comfortable walking shoes, don't forget to pack your evening gown (or tuxedo) for that formal night, charge your camera and follow us to Mediterranean Cruise Ports Easy!

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