Cruisers' introduction
to Mykonos Greece

"Today, Mykonos Greece puts its time-limited cruise guests in real agony as there is so much to see and do…"

How do you imagine Mykonos Greece?

When you hear the phrase “Greek island” what is the first picture you have in mind? Whitewashed houses, blue-roofed churches, narrow lanes and bougainvillea covering walls? That’s exactly what it is… the Greek island of your dreams!

Where is Mykonos Greece island?

Mykonos is one of the 220 Cycladic islands, famous in history for its unique Cycladic culture, which has left traces on Mykonos island history, too.

Distanced only 94 nm from Piraeus, Athens… Aegean Mykonos, Greece is a must stop for many cruise-ships.

Once just a small island and a modest fishing village, in the second half of the 20th Ct it became the playground of choice for many a world jet-setter who loved to take their Mykonos vacations, especially after Jackie Kennedy Onassis came here to suntan on its pristine beaches and take advantage of the perfect Mykonos weather and climate.

  • Area: 105,183 km2 (41 sq miles)
  • Inhabitants: 9,320 (2001)
  • The largest settlement: Chora
  • Highest point: 341 m (1,119 ft)
  • Located in: Aegean sea
  • Currency: Euros (€)

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Why visit Mykonos Greece?

Today Mykonos Greece puts its time-limited cruise guests in real agony as there is so much to see and do…

First and foremost, Mykonos Greece is a gateway to Delos, in the past a revered and highly populated island, now just a deserted museum in the open, best seen via one of the organized tours.

Then there all the Mykonos attractions in the Chora town itself: the distinctive windmills which define the landscape of Mykonos; the famous 15th Ct. Paraportiani church; the charming area of Little Venice with its cosmopolitan bars and restaurants and old houses whose balconies hang over the water.

And then there are 5 Mykonos museums, small but displaying artefacts that tell a story about some truly fascinating aspects of the island’s life: distant history, folklore, agriculture, religion and seafaring.

These are best seen on your own but booking one of the local tours online gives your experience a whole new dimension.

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We also have to mention all the boutique hotels, bars and restaurants of Mykonos Greece… some of them traditional tavernas and others chic and super-trendy, worthy of any interior-design magazine’s photo shoot and easily swapped for a location in any world metropolis.

They make you wish you could drink more of those famous Greek frappuccinos, cocktails or eat more mousaka, so you could visit them all and enjoy their inviting interiors.

And that’s during the day… we often wonder what it must be like at night when the town actually comes alive?! If you’re taking your teenage kids for a cruise, they will confirm… this island is famous for its party scene and its nightlife.

Something you will only have a chance of experiencing if your ship stays late or overnights in Mykonos.

Apart from the nightlife, Mykonos Greece is also famous for its beaches Some of them are frequented by more liberal crowds while others are more suitable for families, and we’ll tell you exactly which are which.

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Now, one of the activities that cannot be missed under any circumstance is of course Mykonos shopping. If all you expect to see here are olive oil soaps and evil-eye pendants, you are wrong…

Mykonos caters to its jet-set scene with high-end fashion boutiques, art galleries and shops that offer the finest Swiss watches or gorgeous 18, 22 or 24k gold designs! If you are a serious shopper, you will love it!

Maybe you didn’t realize before but in Mykonos, Greece there really is lots to do. That’s why we suggest you read all our Mykonos articles, they really will help you plan your transportation and activities on this cruise ship destination.

For an easy, stress-free and fun day in Mykonos, check some of the tour suggestions here...

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