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Livorno Florence Bus
Livorno Florence Bus

"Pisa train – tips on travel to Pisa to see the leaning tower of Pisa and other Pisa tourist attractions, including the timetables and prices..."

Getting from Livorno to Pisa by train is relatively easy and here at Mediterranean Cruise Ports Easy we’ll give you the directions to make the whole experience as stress free as possible.

When planning your getting to Livorno Centrale train station from the cruise dock in Livorno, you have 2 different options:

1st OPTION of getting to Pisa by train involves more steps. This is for people who are not in a rush really and want to save as much money as possible.

Although if you went with the second option, taking a taxi straight to the train station, and you split it between 4 people this might actually be a cheaper option.

  • Step 1: SHUTTLE BUS getting you from the cruise ship dock in Livorno to the main square of Livorno (Livorno Piazza Grande). As the cruise dock is quite far from the town and the train station and walking is not an option, most cruise lines will have organized a bus transfer to the centre of Livorno. From there it is easy to catch the local bus to the train station. Most cruise lines will charge for this service. You can read more about the cruise line organized shuttle buses here.

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  • Step 2: LOCAL BUS from Piazza Grande in Livorno to the Livorno Centrale train station. These buses are quite frequent and take only about 10 minutes. To find out more about where exactly you can find the bus, which number to take and where to buy the tickets read our article on Travel to Florence.
  • 2nd OPTION of getting to Pisa by train is TAKING A TAXI straight to the train station. You will see some taxis right by the ship as you get off the gangway.

    The first ones you see will be those who can exclusively take you for a half day/all day tour to Florence or around Tuscany.

    But if you walk some 500 feet to the exit of the dock, you will see local taxis willing to take you for a shorter ride.

    If you split a taxi between 4 people (standard price of a taxi to the Livorno Centrale is around €20) this can be not such a bad option money-wise.

    Time-wise it can save you up to an hour! So if you’re planning to see both Pisa and Florence in one day and really want to maximize your time, this is the way to go.

    Once at the train station, it is very easy to purchase your train tickets to Pisa train at the teller.

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    Try to be there at least 10 minutes in advance as the lines can be long. Especially if you arrive with the local bus used by your fellow cruisers trying to get to Florence or Pisa by train just like you.

    The ticket price from Livorno to Pisa is approx. €1,80 one-way per person for regular trains (no Eurostar or Intercity as for those you have to pay a supplement and their fees are somewhere between €6 and €8).

    Length of the ride between Livorno and Pisa train is about 19 minutes.

    Here’s the times of regular trains between Livorno and Pisa but before you plan your day, please check the most updated times here as we cannot be held responsible for any possible time changes.

    Livorno Centrale Departure






    10:10 (not on Sundays or holidays)





    For times later than this check the Trenitalia official website.

    Now, the next step for you would be getting from the Pisa train station to the leaning tower of Pisa and you can read all about it in our article Getting to Pisa tower and follow the routes on our Map of Pisa Italy.

    If you are planning to continue your trip from Pisa to Florence (Firenze SMN) here’s the schedule:






    Again, for the most up to date times check the official website.

    Any trains later than this will get you to Florence a bit too late to enjoy and explore.

    If your ship sails out at 7:00 pm, keep in mind you should be heading back with the 15:27 train if you’re going to use the local bus and the cruise ship shuttle to get back to the cruise ship dock.

    If you’re taking a taxi from the train station in Livorno straight back to the cruise ship dock, 16:27 train from Florence might work for you as it will get you to Livorno 40 minutes before the all aboard time.

    These are only our suggestions in the hope of helping you get around, but please keep in mind it is entirely your responsibility for planning your day and getting back to the ship in time if doing it independently.

    Have a great time you world explorer you!



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