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"Dubrovnik weather - everything you should know about the climate in Dubrovnik Croatia before you visit"

You must be very excited as you are planning your upcoming Mediterranean cruise! You know your itinerary by heart now, you know all about your flights, your hotel details are all set… and now, there’s only one “detail” left – packing!

But before you start packing, you will need to have a very good idea of what season of the year it is in the Med right now and what kind of weather to expect.

If you are one of those people who hold their breath to hear the Captain’s announcement and weather forecast on the ship, that’s great! However, if he announces rain the next day, and you haven’t packed properly… hmmm, too late!

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So what’s Dubrovnik weather like?

Climate in Dubrovnik, Croatia is a typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and wet winters.

The majority of Mediterranean cruise ships call to Dubrovnik starting in April. If cruising in April and May, you will definitely need closed, waterproof shoes, a windbreaker, long pants, long sleeve tops and an umbrella. Better safe than sorry… although you have a great chance of having a perfectly sunny, mild day.

Average temperatures in Dubrovnik in:

  • April – 17°C (62.8 F)
  • May – 18°C (64.4 F)

In these months the sea is still too cold for swimming, so we don’t really suggest you plan to spend your day on the beach. Actually, the city of Dubrovnik is so beautiful that it’s a real shame to miss the old town and go to the beach on this one day you have!

Click here for Dubrovnik map of Dubrovnik Attractions!

June (early summer) and September (late summer) are probably the best months to visit… there are still no local tourists, although the town can be pretty packed due to the fact that in one day there can be 5-7 cruise ships at the same time! And Dubrovnik weather is just divine, not too hot yet.

Average temperatures in Dubrovnik in:

  • June – 22°C (71.6 F)
  • September – 22°C (71.6 F)

It’s ok to swim at this time if you really want to.

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July and August are the high season in Dubrovnik… busy, busy, busy. Locals go on a vacation at this time of year, and on top of that, there is a mass “exodus” of Italians after the 15th of August.

On that date is when Feragosto starts, which is when the whole of Italy practically shuts down and everyone leaves for a vacation. Many of them will find salvation from the unbearable heat on their neighbour’s beautiful coast!

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July and August are very, very hot… so have a hat, shades, a bottle of water, a lot of sunscreen and very light clothes on. The good news is humidity is only moderate!

This is the time of year when the air is sweet with the fragrance of cypress trees, orange and lemon trees, oleander trees… so take a deep breath and enjoy!

Average temperatures in Dubrovnik in:

  • July – 25°C (77 F)
  • August – 24.5°C (76.1)

In October and November Dubrovnik weather is perfect for sightseeing, long walks by the sea, breathing in the healing sea air, sitting at one of the sunny patios of Stradun wrapped up in a warm and cosy cardigan and pashmina.

But this is also the time of the year when the first rains start, so do have an umbrella or raincoat with you just in case.

Average temperatures in Dubrovnik in:

  • October – 18°C (64 F)
  • November – 14°C ( 57 F)

Snow is a very, very rare occurrence in Dubrovnik weather… maybe every 15-20 years. Actually, when it happens, all schools in Dubrovnik close, it brings traffic to a halt and people don’t leave their homes.

Coming from an area where snow is a very common phenomenon, I never understood this thing about schools shutting down. But when I was a kid, I sure wished our schools applied Dubrovnik laws too! ;)

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